DJ '14

Hometown: Nashville, TN

Major: English

Fraternity: Kappa Alpha Psi

Extracurriculars: Trickanometry (TNT), Black Student Alliance, Student Training Engagement Education Resource Team for Office of Student Leadership and Services, Dale Salsa

Her Campus Emory (HCE): What’s the greatest moment you can remember from dancing with TNT?

DJ: We had an AHANA performance coming up, and Julio was like, “We gotta do something cool! We gotta do a cool trick!” So he wanted to be thrown into the air, and we went downstairs in the WoodPEC to practice. And at one point we threw him too high, and he came falling down, didn’t break his legs, did a little tumble roll, and was like “Let’s do it again guys, let’s do it again!” I don’t think I’m ever gonna forget that moment.


HCE: Describe your personality.

DJ: Really enthusiastic, talkative, fun, kind of snarky but not really.


HCE: What’s the boldest move a woman has made towards you?

DJ: There’s actually been a couple. I think the boldest move was when a friend of a friend added me on Facebook, then messaged me like, “Hey, I don’t know you. But you’re really cute, I’d like to get to know you.” Then we were talking, and she asked me if I had a girlfriend, and I said no. And then she said, “Ok, how about we go out sometime?” And I thought, “Wow, this is really forward for a girl.” We went out on a date and it was nice. I was just surprised. Most girls never ask guys on a date like that.


HCE: Did you like that?

DJ: I’m bout it, yeah. I’m totally for it. It’s the 21st century. You should both be asking. I feel like a lot of girls miss out on opportunities, because they’re afraid that they’ll either get rejected or they think that the guy should ask. But it’s nice sometimes when a girl lets us know.


HCE: Is salsa dancing something you picked up on recently, or have you had previous experience?

DJ: I picked up on it last year. Natalie actually was doing AHANA, and they needed someone to do it. And she knew me from TNT, and she knew that I could pick up on choreography really fast. So I did it, loved it, and stuck with it.


HCE: Where are you thinking of living after graduating?

DJ: Preferably Atlanta. I’m applying to be an RHD, so hopefully here on campus. And if not, I’m applying to jobs in the Atlanta area. So I’ll be around.


HCE: Will you pursue dance as a potential career, or do you think you’ll maintain it as a hobby?

DJ: I’ll just maintain it as a hobby. I want to pursue novelistic and poetic writing as a career. I write a lot of poetry and short stories. I write children’s stories actually.


HCE: What are your favorite dining spots in Atlanta?

DJ: I like Thumbs Up Diner a lot, and I love The Varsity. Those are probably my two favorites.


HCE: Do you consider yourself a romantic?

DJ: (laughs) Actually yeah, I do. I’m all about the romanticism. I’m all about courting, and actually taking a girl out on real dates. Because so many girls that I’ve talked to have not been on real dates in the past few years. And I think that’s really sad, because that’s how you’re supposed to get to know a girl, and vice versa. But in a relationship, I’m definitely a romantic.