The Definitive Bagel Ranking Around Emory's Campus

The South is wonderful for so many things: fantastic weather, great country music, delicious biscuits and lots of butter in all of your food. But Georgia isn’t exactly known for their bagels. The hunt for a good bagel around the Emory campus isn’t always the easiest. For help on where to look, check out some of these restaurants (and skip the rest).

10. Kaldi’s Coffee House

Avoid! Avoid! Avoid! There is nothing redeeming about this bagel. The bagels are never quite fluffy enough and the cream cheese comes in those little containers where a layer of unpleasant oil builds at the top and it never spreads quite right. Sure, it’s perfectly edible and yes, it is the easiest bagel to access on campus, but it could never satisfy a bagel craving.

9. Einstein Bros. Bagels

The most decent of all the bagels. Einstein Bros. serves your run-of-the-mill, fast-food, chain-restaurant bagel. If you just need something good enough, this bagel will do the trick.

8. Panera


Most of the Panera bagels are quite similar to those of Einstein Bros. However, Panera comes out on top for their fun flavors. Check out the chocolate chip (toasted) or the French toast bagels.

7. The Depot by Kaldi’s Coffee

The Depot serves the same bagel as Kaldi’s; however, it is made more redeemable by what you can put inside of it. Next time you dine at the Depot, ask for the Egg White Sandwich (egg whites, avocado, tomato jam and greens) on a bagel instead of a wheat roll.

6. Highland Bakery


Highland makes a delicious bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. Order your next Highland BEC on a bagel.

5. Sweet Melissa’s

Try Sweet Melissa’s Salmon Platter for some tasty Norwegian smoked salmon on a good bagel. The platter also comes with lettuce, tomato, red onion, capers and what they call “supreme cheese.”

4. Rise-n-Dine

At last! A restaurant in Atlanta that calls its smoked salmon “lox” (so you know it will be instantly better). Rise-n-dine makes a yummy bagel with smoked salmon, capers, red onion, tomato and plain or veggie cream cheese.

3. The General Muir


Perhaps the most photogenic bagel of all time, The General Muir’s open faced bagels are a staple in the Emory student’s diet. Muir offers plain, poppy, sesame, salt and everything bagels. Then, add one of four delicious “schmears” (cream cheeses): plain, scallion caper, dill horseradish or vegetable. Next, add some fish on top: lox or nova, sable, baked salmon salad or smoked trout salad. Muir even offers exciting toppings for your bagels, from avocado to grapefruit. The General Muir serves authentic bagels that you might even find on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

2. Bagel Palace Deli & Bakery


A real delicious deli bagel in Georgia! Bagel Palace offers every flavor of fluffy bagels, with highlights including egg and cinnamon raisin. Bagel Palace’s lox is some of the best you’ll find near Emory and its tasty cream cheese comes in so many flavors from plain to lox spread to even apple cinnamon and chocolate chip.

1. Goldberg’s


Goldberg’s serves the best bagel by Emory’s campus. Goldberg’s has everything you could ever want in a bagel. Goldberg’s offers both phenomenal BECs and lox bagels. Their bagels are always done perfectly and remind us just how delicious bagels can be.