Creator of Playout, Ed Kovel

Tired of your simple workout routine that involves going to the gym everyday for an hour? Then you should try Playout, a fun and innovative approach to working out, created by Emory alum Ed Kovel. Playout makes use of the concept that you should enjoy working out because it is not “work,” it’s play. Read up and find out how you can try Playout!


Her Campus Emory (HCE): What is Playout and what inspired you to start it?

Ed Kovel (EK): Let's work less, and play more! Playout revolutionizes our approach to fitness by encouraging participants to view exercise as play, rather than work! I was inspired to start Playout when I went abroad to India and found myself without a gym. Rather than giving up on exercise, I sought out new ways to use my body and the world around me to stay in shape. I was having so much fun with free running, Martial Arts, Calisthenics, Yoga, and frequent games of basketball with the locals, that one day while running up a waterfall with friends, I exclaimed, "Why do I need to workout when I can just Playout!" And that's where it all began. Since then, we've turned concept into reality by creating a fitness card game that uses bodyweight exercises in exciting competitions to make fitness more fun, convenient, and effective.


HCE: Has Playout been successful?

EK: Success is a relative term, but Playout has definitely made great strides in the first 3 months since its release. We've already sold 271 decks through our website and face-to-face sales, and we recently raised $11, 011 on Kickstarter to revamp our cards and develop our mobile application. We've also seen a wonderful response from the hundreds of people who we've played out with, and those who are using the decks on their own.



HCE: How did you go about introducing it to Emory students and were they receptive to it?

EK: We've introduced Playout to Emory students through a Fitness Emory class, and a number of activities and Wonderful Wednesdays. Also, I use Playout to train the Emory Men's Lacrosse Team during practice. We're very excited about an upcoming Playout competition at Emory with great prizes for participants.


HCE: Do you plan on starting any other businesses?

EK: I plan on expanding Playout's product lines to offer a wide variety of different fitness-related games and activities, all with the goal of making fitness fun!


HCE: Where can Emory students get Playout?

EK: You can order a deck at, or contact me personally at [email protected] if you'd rather avoid the shipping fee and meet the creator face-to-face!