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Carly ’14

This Port Washington, New York native loves everything from graphic design to herbal living. As a Film Studies and Media Management major, she pursues her interests in photography and writing, and when she’s not in class, she hangs with her ADPi sisters, and works for Student Programming Council, planning this year’s Homecoming and other awesome activities! She’s single and ready to mingle, so read up on this week’s Campus Cutie…Carly!

Her Campus Emory (HCE): How did you spend your summer?
Carly (C): I had an internship at Vice Magazine in Brooklyn. It was a really cool place to work, especially since people left me alone long enough to plan Homecoming (which, by the way, is September 24th-29th).

HCE: How would you describe your style?
C: Kind of a controlled chaos. My roommate described it as “Music Festival Chic” but I think that’s just a euphemism for “All Over The Place.”

HCE: What advice would you give to a guy trying to impress you?
C: I like open-minded people that are just comfortable with who they are and with who I am—someone not looking to prove anything. So, I guess to answer the question, look alive and try not to be a dickhead unless arrogance looks really really good on you.

HCE: What are your three favorite things about Emory?
C: 1) SPC (shameless plug).
2) The amazing women that make me proud to be in Greek life.
3) All of the loveable randos that lived in McTyeire with me.

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