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Best Ways to Better Your Brows

Today, brows are nothing short of a big deal. Bold eyebrows that make a statement with a slight arch are definitely in. Unkempt brows are not “fashionably acceptable” to many standards. People think bushy brows give off a messy vibe. For these reasons, waxing, tweezing and threading are ever-so-popular among many in order to get that perfect brow shape.

Ever heard of a brow bar? These pop-up brow places, popular with the cosmetic company Benefit, are making eyebrow shaping all about the experience. The Benefit Brow Bar boasts itself on the art of Brow Mapping, an exclusive technique to finding the perfect brow on any face. Companies guarantee if you come to the Brow Bar they can fix your brows to perfection.  Not only do these brow bars offer services like waxing and tweezing, but they are also generally featured in malls and stores which make going to them all more worth it. After your brows are fixed, you can shop, feeling better and bolder than before!

If this all wasn’t enough, there are also products made to enhance the looks of your brows. Pencils and powders are useful to helping get the perfect shape and thickness for your brows. These products come in all different shades to fit your complexion and hair color. There are even gels that some women are purchasing to increase the growth of their eyebrows. Some are even going so far to get brow extensions. Yes, that’s right; women are paying money to get extensions that may only last for 2 to 3 weeks.

With all this craze over eyebrows, it is important to note that hair color can really impact the way your brows appear. If you dye your hair blonde, you better consider how your dark brows will look with your new light hairdo. Do you have to dye them also to complete the look?  This is yet another thing to worry about with your brows.

Brows are as prominent as ever these days. Women are jealous of those with naturally bold brows and often wish they were “blessed” like some of these women. So, next time you consider what to do with your brows, remember it is not about the thinness, but rather the thickness of your brows that will help you stick out in the crowd.

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