The Best Online Stores to Buy Instagram-Worthy Swimwear That Won’t Break the Bank

It’s that time of the year again, when you suddenly realize that summer is only a month away and you’re in desperate need of a new swimsuit for that upcoming vacay that is happening way sooner than you thought. Personally, I started Instagram-stalking influencers to see this year’s swimsuit trends in an effort to motivate myself the lose the freshman fifteen that have inevitably crept up on me (I didn’t think I would fall victim to it, but let’s face it- sometimes it seems like the only actually edible options at the DUC are pizza or fries). In my frenzy of saving photos of tanned bloggers in tropical places, I quickly noticed that most of the brands they were sponsored by were expensive...we’re talking $90 just for the top expensive. So I switched to stalking sorority girls at state schools that somehow have 50k followers and a seemingly endless wardrobe, and found some much more reasonably priced options. A bikini set for $20? Count me in! Here are some online stores that aren’t your basic Aerie or Forever 21.



Ok, by now, this one isn’t exactly a secret. Pretty much any of your favorite influencers or Youtubers definitely own at least one Zaful bathing suit and you’ve probably seen a Zaful try-on haul. This reason this site is such a hit is because all their bikinis (which are literally hundreds) are in the $15-25 range, which includes both the top and bottom. I would recommend buying in bulk because for $50 you could get two or three bathing suits and free shipping! That’s like the cost of a single Victoria’s Secret bra. So it’s definitely a steal. The only downside is most of their stuff ships from China, so it could take up to a month to come in and if it doesn’t fit, you have to pay for the shipping back. Zaful also only lets you buy bikinis in the same size, so if you’re a medium in the top but small in the bottom, you might be out of luck. But most of the suits have reviews where people have posted pictures wearing them and what size they are, so you can generally gauge it pretty well. If you’re looking for the most bang for your buck, Zaful is definitely the way to go.

*Bonus: They have an extra 11% off right now with the code BEACH!


Shay Butter Boutique

This place is your new BFF for the trendiest and most unique suits under $50. Scrolling through their store is basically the equivalent of scrolling through your favorite travel blogger’s feed. All of their pictures are carefully curated to make you envision yourself laying sunkissed on a beach in Greece, which definitely only makes you want to buy them more. These swimsuits are definitely not for the faint of heart, however, as they feature lots of prints (my personal favorite of the moment being cheetah), neons, and high waisted bottoms a la Kendall Jenner style. They are also incredibly well priced, with the highest suit putting you back around $48- but that’s for the top and the bottom. The best part - they have free shipping no matter how much you spend, which could be both a blessing and a curse because that definitely only makes me want to buy more. There is one con, however, which is that all of their swimwear is final sale. Which means if it doesn’t fit you when you get it in the mail, you’re kinda stuck with it. So it’s a bit of a gamble but it’s also so worth it for how cute your Instagram is about to be.

*Double Bonus: They also currently have a 15% off all swimwear with the code SWIM.

Bahia Blue Boutique

So this one is more of a beachy-lifestyle type of boutique, which means they have tons of cute cover-ups, boho maxi dresses, and kimonos, although these can be a bit on the pricier side. But they also have the perfect accessories to complement your new swimwear; think Rihanna-esque body chains and Coachella favorite finger bracelets. These suits are more contemporary and less daring than Shay Butter’s. If you’re looking for a bit fuller coverage (like a one-piece or something high waisted), this should be your new go-to. They have an incredibly extensive selection of suits that don’t show as much skin, but are nowhere near boring. With an abundance of frills and florals, this swimwear won’t look cheap or kid-ish, but will still add a little fun to your summer wardrobe. All their swimsuits hit $50 or below and they accept returns (although you have to pay for the shipping label). Snag one of these suits and pair it with an acai bowl and a floppy sun hat and you’re ready to go.


Tiger Mist

When Sophia Jamora (of Fashion Nova and Forever 21 fame) is modeling for something, you know it’s gonna be good. This brand is one of her favorites and one look at the site makes to easy to see why. They’re primarily marketed as an Instagram boutique (where you can click the link to shop an item from their Instagram feed) and their website is equally as aesthetically pleasing. If you’re looking for ultimate cool-girl vibes, this is the one stop-shop. Most of their suits feature sporty cuts and neons appropriate for both the beach and music festival season. My personal favorite- a sequined hot pink bikini in homage to our fashion lord and savior Elle Woods. Their tops and bottoms are sold separately (both at $20 a piece because everything is on sale right now), so you can mix and match sizes and styles. Add a pair of tiny sunglasses for an extra-killer look.



If you love prints- look no further. This site has all the stripes, florals, and aztec designs your heart could desire. They also give you the option to purchase a bikini set or mix and match your top and bottoms. They have tons of one-pieces featuring cut-outs and color-blocking that are far from looking old lady-ish. Cupshe is also definitely one of the most reasonably priced options, next to Zaful, with their most expensive suit coming in around $35. All their reviews rave about the quality for the price and most of their bikinis have adjustable straps, so sizing shouldn’t be too much of an issue. They also have free shipping for every purchase- an incredibly tempting offer after scrolling through their selection. However, customers do have to pay for their own return shipping label and anything purchased under $15 won’t be accepted for a refund. That being said, if it doesn’t fit perfectly as a swimsuit, their pieces are really easy to layer up and could make the perfect vacation lounge outfit.


As swimsuit season draws near, no matter what suit you end up going with, keep in mind that the most flattering way to rock it is always with confidence. Every body is a bikini body.