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The Best Nail Polish Colors for Fall

Ladies, fall is finally here! Yes, for some of us, that signals an outbreak of allergies, colds, and wishing we went to school in Cali. But on the bright side, it’s also time to ditch the pretty pastels and pick out some amazing autumn shades next time you visit the nail salon—or from your own overflowing nail polish bag. When in doubt, I always go with Essie. Of course, it can still be quite difficult to pick one color out of all the gorgeous ones available. To make your decision easier, here are three that many girls swear by for the fall:

  1. Angora Cardi

This is such a classic Fall color. It manages to be vibrant yet deep in color, making it the perfect balance between pretty and girly.

  1. Chinchilly

For everyone enamored with nudes and grays, Chinchilly is a must-try! The slate gray with purple undertones give off that cute, sophisticated college girl look.

  1. Chocolate Cakes

YUM! Need I say more? Everything about this rich brown screams fall. Wearing this color will definitely help you feel ready to walk through the brisk fall air…and it might make you feel ready for some dessert, too.

So there you have it: three nail polish colors to help you transition into the right mindset for fall weather. Don’t forget to apply top coat to your stylish mani every so often to keep it from chipping!

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