Ben '15

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Major: Finance & Consulting

Fraternity: Zeta Beta Tau

Extracurriculars: TEDxEmory, Ultimate Frisbee

Her Campus Emory (HCE): What was the hardest part of junior year?

Ben (B): Giving a sh*t.

HCE: Any big summer plans?

B: I want to learn how to graffiti while I’m working in New York City.

HCE: Describe your ideal relationship.

B: One where we’re not ashamed to scarf down a messy burger in front of each other.

HCE: What’s the greatest thing fraternity life has done for you?

B: It’s given me a lot of blackmail material for when my friends become successful.

HCE: What’s your most embarrassing experience thus far in college?

B: Audibly snoring through a small discussion class.

HCE: Three words to describe yourself.

B: Inviting, sweet, and brown. Like a Ferrero Rocher.

HCE: Do you speak any other languages?

B: Un peu de Français, un po di Italiano, and I know how to bargain in Mandarin.

HCE: Being from Atlanta, why did you end up going to Emory?

B: It was too tough to leave the warm weather, Buford Highway restaurants, and 20-minute car ride from my pet Pomeranian at home.