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All White, All The Time

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Emory chapter.

Fashion rules are meant to be broken, and none more so than the ever-famous “no white after Labor Day.” Why on earth anyone would ever ban a certain color is beyond me, especially when it’s such a classic one as white. Fashionistas have been throwing caution to the wind for a while, and winter whites have never been as big as they were these past couple of months.

Now that the sun is finally trying to peek through the clouds and spring is officially upon us, it’s time to take our whites to a whole other level.

White, unlike every other color, works with absolutely everything. Whether you’re throwing a plain white T over a pair of casual jeans or if you’re pairing it with a pair of bright yellow high-waisted shorts, white will never look out of place.

This spring try pairing your whites with other pastels, especially powder blue. The spring-like effect is instantaneous, and your mood will feel bright all day.

If you’re willing to go the whole nine yards, go for an all-white ensemble. It’s ridiculously chic and you’ll stand out in a crowd for sure.

With an all-white ensemble, try brightly colored accessories. Whether it’s a bag or a necklace, it’ll pop.

White shoes have been making a huge comeback as well, be it in sneakers, pumps, boots, sandals, wedges or heels. Admittedly, I was a bit hesitant about white shoes at first but now I’ve learned to embrace and love them. They polish an outfit up, and there’s nothing like pristine footwear to make you feel confident.

Because white is so on-trend right now, you’ll find apparel in every shape, size, and material. Because it’s such an easy color to wear, don’t be afraid to play around with different types. You can go tough in white leather, or girly in white lace, or sophisticated in a white blazer. There’s a white item out there for everyone, and I urge you to go out and find your own signature piece! 

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