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7 Sloths That Know How You Feel Post-Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has passed; that means that the feelings of being over-stuffed, overwhelmed, and over school gradually progress into the last few weeks of school before the blessed holiday break. While most of us are familiar with this feeling, no one understands it better than the sloth species. Believe it or not, they seem to embody exactly how we all feel when we encounter these situations. Take a look for yourself.

1. While eating leftovers the next day:

Even though you’re still full from dinner the night before, you somehow manage to eat two servings of leftovers for lunch.

2. While trying to detox after eating too much:

All the fitness magazines tell you to consume vegetables to “detox” from all the food and deserts you’ve been eating. So, naturally, you now stuff your face with cucumbers and carrots instead of stuffing and turkey. Sadly, they are not the same.

3. While realizing that you still have those two research papers due when you get back to school:

You may have tried your hardest, but you just didn’t get ahead of your work before break. The thoughts of sleeping in your own bed, eating home cooked meals, and spending time with family have now made it too hard to focus. Now, you’re left to return to school and head straight into all-nighters in Club Libs and bad coffee from Peet’s.

4. When you realize you have to go back to school the next day:

You knew the end was coming, but for some reason it seemed further away. As you pack up your bags, just remember that it is only a couple more weeks until you get to pack up all your things at school and head home again.

5. When you wake up for that first class after break:


Chances are you didn’t wake up before you absolutely HAD to over break. Now, as that 8:30 alarm goes off, it feels like you are being woken up in the middle of the night.

6. When you are so close to the end of the semester that you can taste it:

With each assignment completed and each class finished, you are getting that much closer to the semester finally ending. Which, in turn, makes it that much harder to pay attention and buckle down to study. It’s too tempting to plan Christmas gifts and recipes on Pinterest.

7. When the professor says to be happy because you only have a couple classes left together:

They say this as if we haven’t been counting down classes since the end of syllabus week. OF COURSE WE KNOW WE ARE ALMOST DONE. Teachers just say this to justify them piling on an obscene amount of information in the last few classes.

With that, enjoy the rest of the semester! You’re almost there—and the sloths believe in you.

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