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7 Reasons Sweatshirts are Fashionable

When I think of a sweatshirt I think of a loose fitted hoody, probably with a college logo or name plastered on it. The word sweatshirt was never regarded as a fashion staple – how can something so ill fitting with giant ironed-on letters be fashionable or trendy? Recently, however, the fashion industry has decided to revamp and basically give the “sweatshirt” category of apparel a makeover. Sweatshirts are no longer boring old gray lumpy pieces of outerwear that we only wear to lounge around our dorm and take out the trash and study for finals.  Sweatshirts have completely transformed into it-girl staples. This transformation has caused sweatshirts to completely steer away from their name: sweat-shirt. Sweatshirts are not meant for sweating, I mean I really don’t think they were ever meant for sweating, who wants to work out in an oversized, puffy garment that doesn’t breathe – ummm how can I swing my arms when I’m on the treadmill?? I think designers who make their own version of “sweatshirts” should start renaming them with something more elegant or cute or at least something that doesn’t have the work “sweat” in it.

1. They can add a cool-girl vibe to an otherwise over stylized outfit.

2. They add an element of effortlessness.

3. They add a comfy-casual feel to a formal outfit.

4. They can convey a message other than what college you want/wish to attend, like “I’m leaving to move to Los Angeles.”

5. They’re perfect layering pieces.

6. They can add some geometric whimsy to your ensemble.


7. They can be covered in busy prints and details, thus serving as the perfect substitute for jewelry.


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