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7 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes: known to cause mass amounts of stress and excitement

 Halloween can be a scary time (no pun intended), when trying to pick out an outfit. The stress of picking just the right one can be overwhelming, so look no further! Here are seven easy, but rockin’ Halloween costumes available in your (or a neighbor’s) closet:


1. Regina George



If there is anyone that can not only pull off but start a trend wearing shirts with holes cut in the boobs, it is Regina George. Regina George is the epitome of “Mean Girls”, and her ability to influence mass amounts of people is iconic. And who didn’t secretly love seeing her ultimate demise when she got hit by that bus? To re-create this look is simple, take a white tank top that you do not care about ruining, and cut two holes where the boobs are. *Be warned, make sure you lay out where you want the holes to be to avoid missing your bra.* For the best results, wear a colored bra and a plaid skirt. The bottoms you wear with this outfit are less significant, though, as the shirt is recognizable enough by itself.


2. Soul Cycle Instructor



For all you Emory betches out there (you know who you are), you went to Soul at least once a week at home, and are now having withdrawal. Yes, you may even take extreme measures by taking classes at FlyWheel or, god forbid, the WoodPEC, but it just doesn’t measure up. Bring a little piece of home with you to Halloween by going as a Soul instructor! Wear your coveted Soul Cycle clothes that we all know fill your athletic drawer to the brim. Grab a hand towel and a water bottle, and if you want to go the extra mile, see if you can find (or buy) a headset. The perks of this outfit: Comfy clothes, “empty” water bottle, makes you look fit


3. Amy Schumer in “Trainwreck”



This one can be a little more tricky, as to make it precise, you need a yellow strapless dress. Any form of yellow top or dress would work, though, because the most important part of the outfit is what she is holding in her hand: an “empty” bottle in a paper bag. This costume is hip, funny, and most importantly, functional ;).


4. Blair Waldorf




PSA: For all you Serena fans out there, I’m sorry this is not for you.* Pull out your favorite plaid skirt, high socks, and sweater to create the ultimate look. To complete this look, don’t forget the most important accessory: nothing says Blair Waldorf like a headband. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to be Blair—the queen of Manhattan, epic love with Chuck Bass, killer fashion style—what more could you ask for? And although sometimes she wasn’t the nicest, and admitted up to it, her quick-wit and drive to be the best makes her a great character to strive for.

*Let it be noted that this outfit would work the same for Serena Van Der Woodsen.


5. Jenny Humphrey


A cool offshoot of Blair (or Serena…) is Jenny Humphrey. I hate to admit it, but for a little while in the beginning, I was a Jenny Humphrey fan. Her bright-eyed innocence turned into making it at all costs, and eventually falling off the deep end. While she ultimately moved to Hudson, AKA Taylor Momsen pursued her music career, the transformation of Little J to Jenny Humphrey made for some interesting plot points. Anyways, to create this look, take the look for Blair, drop the coveted headband, wear darker colors, and slap on mass amounts of dark eye makeup.


6. Risky Business




This is where your neighbor’s clothes come in. Unless you are on an all-girl floor (yikes!), chances are that your neighbors will have a useful dress shirt that you can wear. Just make sure that it is big enough to be worn as a dress.

#PROTIP: for an even quicker result, ask someone in AKPsi (the business fraternity) for a dress shirt.


7. Festival Goer



This one is particularly easy because of one thing: Music Midtown. Chances are you either went to this festival, or thought about it, so you have the appropriate clothes right in your closet. There is really no more description necessary. Throw on your clothes and get yo’ groove on!


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