The 7 Different Types of People You'll See in the Library

Someway, somehow, we've made it to the end of yet another semester. We might be in the final stretch of the term, but there's one final obstacle for us to overcome: the DREADED finals szn. Yes, it's that time of the year when you fall off the face of the earth, forget to do your laundry for weeks, and basically move into our beloved library. Due to the mass migration from dorms and apartments to Peet's and the stacks, you'll probably see the following familiar faces in Club Libs. Let's break down the people you'll come across in the library: 

1. The productive studier

Actually, let's just skip over this person, because do productive people really exist?

2. The first-time-library-goer

Do you even go here? Welcome to the library for the first time this semester!

3. The "artist"

This person spends more time doodling, color coding review sheets, and writing gorgeous to-do lists than actually getting any work done. 

4. The complainer

Like the "artist," the complainer spends more time talking about her work than accomplishing the tasks at hand. 

5. The napper

I hope that couch on the first floor or in the stacks is comfy. Sleep tight (and no worries, I won't judge). 

6. The film critic

And no, I don't mean the film majors. This person is probably up in the stacks, but to binge watch Netflix. 

7. The meme queen

You know that you're the meme queen when you walk all the way to the library just to spend the whole time tagging your friends on Instagram and Facebook. 

Happy studying! And remember, we're almost there!