5 Types of Sweaters you NEED this fall

Since the weather is finally starting to get ~ cooler ~ , which means sweater season is on the horizon. Whether you cleared out some space in your closet last spring, or you just want to shop, here are some sweater recommendations for fall.   

1. The basic staple sweater 

Okay, it’s in the name. It’s your staple fall piece. There’s plenty of colors to choose from but I would go with a color that can match a variety of bottoms. You’ll want this sweater to be easy to match other clothing with, and that you can pretty much wear anywhere. American Eagle has a great selection of plain wear-everywhere sweaters.

2. The lightweight knit 

This is a must-have, especially in Atlanta where the weather is 50 degrees in the morning and 80 degrees midday. The lightweight knit is a great way to transition into fall weather. You won’t be sweating midday and when it gets colder, you can easily add another layer over this sweater. The softest and cutest one I could find is available at Loft. 

3. The cropped sweater

A cropped sweater is also perfect for transitioning into fall weather! Whether you layer it with another top underneath or pair it with high waisted bottoms, cropped sweaters are a definite must for being trendy. Urban Outfitters has a great selection of colors here

4. The Chenille Sweater These sweaters were definitely in last year due to their extra coziness! Chenille sweaters are like a fuzzy sweater but without the fuzzy mess. They have a unique softness to them and are perfect for staying comfy in the cool weather. You can purchase this one specifically from Urban Outfitters.  

5. The patterned sweater Last but not least, every girl needs a cute patterned sweater in her fall wardrobe! Whether it's just striped, animal print or graphic design, sweaters don’t always have to be plain. Get this sweater here at American Threads. ​