5 Tips to Revamp Your Old T-Shirt for Mardi Gras

Maybe you’ve been sick in bed with the flu. Maybe you’ve had too much work. Whatever your excuse might be, did you forget to order your Mardi clothes this year? I know I did. But no stress! These are a few tips to transform your old T-Shirts and make something brand new (you know, like all your friends at state schools get to do weekly for tailgates).


1. Cut some snips in your shirt.

Take a pair of scissors or a razor and add texture to your shirt with a few snips.

2. Create a trendy choker.

Cut out a triangular hole in the front of your shirt to get this cute look.

3. Add some string.

Send a string through your shirt for some extra flair.

4. Show some shoulder.

With two snips of a scissor, turn your old tee into a cold shoulder top.

5. Try an open back.

Shred some lines through the back of your shirt, horizontally or vertically.

Happy DIY-ing!