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5 Post Spring Break Feels That Are Relatable AF

Spring break is a blast while it lasts, but when the celebration comes to an end post-break blues hit you like a train. Gone are the days where you could sleep in, lounge around, and be guilt-free about being unproductive. The break you spent weeks counting down until ended in the bat of an eye and you have no choice other than to go back to hitting the books.  Honestly speaking, the first day of classes after spring break should just be canceled because no one shows up anyways – or is paying attention if they do…

1. Getting back to endless papers, midterms, and exams is the last thing anyone wants to do after partying on the beach for 10 days straight.

2. Everything feels ways more overwhelming than you anticipated.

3. You become extremely impatient for summer to start and the next countdown begins…

4. Some people might even get a little homesick.

5. You just wish you could start over.

Thankfully the break blues only ever lasts a week at most. Once you get back to swing of school, friends, and extracurricular, you let go of your longing for the past and begin living in the moment again (or counting down till the next break – SUMMER!)  Hang in there gals, Summer will be here before you know it!

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