37 Halloween Candies Ranked

Everyone knows the best part of Halloween is the candy, I mean think about it, it’s a day to collect free candy. However, there are some types of candy that are considerably better than others. We’ve all been disappointed by the candy choices of some houses. I’ve compiled a list of 37 Halloween candies and ranked them from worst to best. 37. Tootsie Rolls These definitely have to be the worst in my opinion. I don't think I ever ate these after collecting them from trick or treating. These pretty much went straight to the trash. 

36. Laffy Taffy

Really? Who gives out Laffy Taffy? This stuff hurts to eat and the flavors are gross (especially banana).

35. Twizzlers

At least they aren't black licorice, but Twizzlers are still pretty gross. They always leave a weird aftertaste in my mouth and don’t even taste good, to begin with.  

34. Lifesavers Gummies

Are these even a candy? I feel like the people who give out Lifesavers gummies are genuinely trying to retire from the whole trick or treat thing, and strategically used these to get people to stop coming to their house. 

33. Milk Duds

The reason I never had cavities as a kid was because I never ate the milk duds I got on Halloween. It takes about 10 years to chew just one, so why bother?  

32. Bottle Caps

These were a rare find in my years of trick or treating, but that didn't make receiving some any less frustrating. I can't help but feel like whoever gave them out had them lying around for years and needed a way to get rid of them. Gross, I would rather just drink the soda that the flavors are made after. 

31. Airheads

Airheads are kinda like Laffy Taffys in my mind, but softer and not ~as~ gross. I only really cared for the blue raspberry flavor, but some people absolutely loved these, which meant they were a good trading candy. 

30. Swedish FIsh

Unpopular opinion - but I find these oddly flavorless, maybe it's because I’m not into gummies, to begin with.  Swedish Fish are an easy pass for me.

29. Haribo Gummies

Okay again, I  know this might be a ~little~ controversial, but gummies are gross! I don't know how anyone can be okay with the texture of these. They legit taste like kids vitamins and I don’t mean that in a good way. 

28. Blow pops

The flavors weren’t that great and I somehow always ended up with too many of these.

27. BabyRuth I don't recall ever being excited about seeing these in the mix, and I'm pretty sure I was always willing to give these away - definitely one of the worst chocolate candies. 

26. Heath Bars

I definitely did not like these when I was younger. Who gives toffee to kids?? At least I was able to satisfy my parents' requests for a few pieces of candy with these. 

25. Whoppers

I actually used to love these until I grew tastebuds. 99.999% of the time they were stale and gross. I will note that they have the potential to be decent, but most of the time, they were stale. 

24. SweeTarts

These were okay, but I generally didn’t eat these until after I had finished all the good candy.

23. Almond Joy

This was another candy that I could give to my parents so they would leave the ~good stuff~ alone. They’re not that bad, but you definitely needed to be drinking water when you ate these. 

22. Snickers

If I had to pick one Halloween candy to give up forever, I wouldn’t mind choosing Snickers. The peanut on top was always way too dry and chalky and often left a weird aftertaste. I could do without them in my trick or treating bag. 

21. Dum Dum Lollipops

If I did the ranking based on flavor, these might be placed closer to best, but really these were a hit or miss. Depending on the flavor you got. Not to mention they were pretty small. 

20. Skittles

I never really cared for skittles. But they were great for trading because someone always wanted more skittles. 

19. Milky Way

Definitely a so-so type of candy. Not ever really my favorite, but definitely not the worst. 

18. Starburst

Like the Dum Dum Lollipops, it was a hit or miss depending on the flavor - seriously, who likes orange?

17. Jolly Ranchers

Again, hit or miss depending on the flavor. However, the blue raspberry flavor is so amazing that I did have to place this a little higher on the list. 

16. Peanut M&Ms

Not as good as the originals but not bad. The peanuts were definitely a little chalky but overall they were pretty decent. 

15. York Peppermint Patties

Not a very popular Halloween candy but in my opinion, they're still really good. Whoever said chocolate and mint don’t belong together are wrong.

14. 3 Musketeers

These were kinda bland but also not that bad. They definitely were not the best chocolate candy you could get but they were always pretty good. 

13. Nerds

These were definitely amazing! Both pink and purple tasted good. The only flavor that didn’t was the yellow banana flavor, but luckily those weren’t as common. 

12. Double bubble

Amazing, and hopefully whoever was giving these out, gave a lot, because the biggest downside was that the flavor was gone after 1 minute of chewing. 

11. Candy Corn

Considering this is supposed to be THE “Halloween” candy, I’m surprised it wasn’t given out too often. Now I know a lot of people hate it, and think it’s too sweet, but candy corn is amazing, especially if you get the autumn mix that also has the pumpkins. 

10. Hershey's milk chocolate

We know these are good, and I don’t think anyone was ever disappointed to get one. Sometimes got a little too much, but I’d rather have these than something like a Babyruth. 

9. Butterfingers

Don’t know why there’s so much hate towards butterfingers. These are genuinely amazing, the peanut flavor and chocolate coating make the perfect candy. 

8. Sour Patch Kids

These were solid gold when you got them. No complaints here. 

7. Crunch

I’ve never seen a full size crunch bar, I’ve only seen minis on Halloween, but I was always happy to see them. 

6. Hot Tamales

Not everyone’s favorites but definitely mine. Superior to Mike and Ikes for sure. 

5. Reese’s

I think the people that weren’t too happy to see these must have been allergic to peanut butter. Definitely an amazing candy, and they’re even better when they’re in the pumpkin shape. 

4. Reese’s Pieces

I definitely think more people need to be passing these out on Halloween because they are SO GOOD. Even an alien likes them, which goes to show that Reese’s pieces is really out of this world. 

3. M&Ms

These were always a hit! I used to search through my bag to see if I had gotten any M&Ms yet and eat them while I continued to trick or treat. You really couldn’t go wrong with these. 

2. Twix

Whether you liked the right or the left Twix, you still knew this was halloween gold. Aa lot of people’s favorite candy, and a classic. 

1. Kit Kats

I have never in my life heard anyone hate on KitKats, which makes this a unanimous top choice. I really think everyone loves kit kats, which make them the best candy to give out on halloween.