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3 Love Poems to Kick off the Holiday Season

November is here which means that the holidays are coming quick. Sure, you can give your significant other gifts, but why not something more meaningful? Here are three sweet poems to send to your special someone.

1. Love Sonnett XVII — Pablo Neruda: This one’s a classic. In Sonnet XVII, Neruda’s writes about his lover comparing her to secret things, rejecting the obvious cliches of roses, topaz, and fire. This November, win over your romantic interest with a poem as sophisticated as they are.

2. Heart to Heart — Rita Dove: In Heart to Heart, Dove illustrates the acute pain of new romance. She captures, perfectly, how even the most assured of us can feel unfathomably awkward in front of the person we want most to impress describing her heart as something which “isn’t even shapely — just a thick clutch of muscle, lopsided, mute.” This is the poem you send to your crush when it’s dark and you’re being honest.  

3. Poem for My Love — June Jordan: Short and sweet, June Jordan’s Poem for My Love is a quiet meditation on love. Sometimes, fancy words aren’t needed and no one knows that better than June Jordan. So, put away your dictionary and slide this into your significant other’s DMs instead. 

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