29 Rooms: Expand Your Reality - A Basic Girl's Insta-Heaven

Two weeks ago Her Campus Emory had the opportunity to scope out 29rooms, Refinery29's latest art installation in Atlanta, Georgia. As you could probably guess it features 29rooms, each of which is sponsored by a different artist or company - such as Kali Uchis, and Panera Bread. The exhibit was the perfect place for team HC Emory ladies to step-up their Instagram game, acquire posts for VSCO, and just take all-around glamorous pics with the #squad. Here are some of our favorite rooms!

1. An exhibit titled “No Filter” (how ironic?) 

This exhibit was a personal favorite. I mean, how could anyone object to a photoshoot under an array of iridescent rainbow lights? Imagine how impressive these pics would look on your VSCO feed.  Why spend hours editing photos and struggling to find the perfect combination of contrast and exposure when you could just take a picture under a filter and be done with it. Peep at how cute some of our HC gals look with #nofilter! 

2. 90's Room 

Covered with posters of Clueless, Back to the Future, and Titanic, this teen bedroom encapsulates every 90's gals dream room! It also featured a closet filled with colorful fur coats (you're never too old to play dress-up okay?), a CRT TV with video games, and a bulletin board where attendees could leave notes. 

3. Palm Reading

This was definitely the most unique room at the installation. We were each paired with a random stranger whose palms we learned to read. #awks After seven whole minutes, each partner ended up with four symbols on their forearm, each of which represented a different trait you possess. If it wasn't awkward enough, the last symbol represented a prediction of how many major loves you will have in your life. Turns out I am outgoing, creative, grounded, and will have two major loves in my life. #scandy

4. A Transition Lenses Sponsored Room

We got to experience yet another round of dress-up, but this time with glasses! We each picked out a different pair of glasses, which we then placed under a UV light and watched as they ~magically~ turned into sunglasses. The room was covered in an array of variously shaped mirrors which we, of course, had to have a photo shoot in front of.  

5. Dance Break 

Sometimes you just need to stop what you're doing and dance it out, and Refinery29 gets it. Honestly, this room was a party in itself, need I say more?

Our team definitely had a blast exploring all the different installations, and I'm sure you and your squad will too. If 29rooms is making an appearance in your city you should definitely check it out. #doitforthegram