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11 Thoughts You Had Regarding Snow Day 2015

February 25th, 2015 was a day we’ll all remember for a variety of reasons, mostly because it was the first official SNOW DAY of the year! Last year, Emory collegiettes were blessed with an early closing and EIGHT SNOW DAYS, affectionately known as SNOWPOCALYPSE parts one and two. As a native New Yorker, I was underwhelmed by the presence of frozen rain this year being considered bad enough for a snow day. Also, after actually experiencing Snowpocalypse last year with the actual appearance and accumulation of snow, I was hoping for a little more snow to make it interesting. However, I love snow days and consider myself an expert. Nonetheless, everyone has an opinion on the subject.

Emory and Atlanta as a whole aren’t prepared for snow, so the second a little snowflake appears on the weather app, snow day rumors start.

 Is that a snowflake? Are my eyes deceiving me? Isn’t this supposed to be “Hotlanta”? Will the snow stick? Is it even cold enough? I wore shorts last week is it going to snow? Yik Yak is blowing up, it’s saying snow!

Waiting for an email:

Should I do my homework if we’re going to have a snow day anyway? I’m so tired I need a snow day, Where’s that email? Has Emory lost my email address? Check if Georgia State, Georgia Tech or Kennesaw State are cancelled. Is the CDC closed? The State of Georgia is under a state of emergency, where is that email? Yik Yak says someone got an email already! Where is my email?


Feelings to Nancy Seideman, sender of said emails:

Where’s Nancy? Does she live in the DUC? How does she make these decisions? Does she look in a crystal ball? What did they do with Gary S. Hauk? Bring back Gary!! Does Nancy know I want my test cancelled? Does Nancy know it’s midterms and I need to sleep for the first time since break? Yik Yak will love/hate Nancy based on this email.

This year, we were teased with a delayed opening:

At least one of my classes was cancelled. I have an 8:30am and 10:00am class, NO SCHOOL! I start classes at 1pm this is irrelevant. SLEEP! Why didn’t they just cancel school? It’s not even snowing out.


Then this miraculous email came through:



Everyone rejoiced, partied, and some students experienced their first ever snow day.

Should we go out? It’s not like we have class let’s go crazy! Is that snow or dandruff? OMG MOM I’M HAVING A SNOW DAY THIS IS REAL LIFE!


Then the anti-climatic appearance of frozen rain/snow:

Is that even snow? What are those pellets? What is a wintry mix? Is that hail, snow, rain or slush?


You had to decide snow day activities:

Sleep late definitely already happened. Is Starbucks open? Is the library open? Where can I do work? Do I even want to do work? Is the WoodPEC open? What are these weird DUC hours? Should I go off campus? Is it safe outside the bubble? Where can I get food? I’m desperate for food!

You knew the outside world was taking this seriously when this appeared:

Maggie’s is closed, wow this must be serious.


Then the vicious cycle restarted

Where is this stinking email? I need another snow day! I feel so refreshed, with or without actual snow.


Another delayed opening:

Well I need to go back to school at some point. Maybe we’ll have another snow day soon.


With that, your snow day ended and it was memorable to say the least. Hopefully 2015 will have many more snow days for us to enjoy!

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