The 11 Things You’ll Need to Survive Music Midtown


werk evite GIF1. A fanny pack

If you’re wearing a fanny pack, you’re in true festival fashion. They’re convenient, stylish, and they keep people from dipping their hands into your valuables. Almost every retailer sells them, including Target, so pick out your favorite for style and practicality. 


 wet water GIF2. A refillable water bottle 

I can’t say this enough: Atlanta is hot and you need water. Because it’s so valuable and people seriously need to replenish when they sweat, prices are through the roof. If you take your own water bottle (empty, of course, unless you want to fight with security), you’ll avoid the skyrocket prices and stay hydrated. 


again GIF3. Cashless activation

This is something you can’t bring, but you should consider. Music Midtown is offering cashless experiences, so if you can, link your card and avoid bringing a wallet altogether. While it reduces the amount you’ll need to bring, keep in mind you’ll still be spending money even though you won’t be physically handing it over. 


glitter GIF4. Glitter

What’s a music festival without glitter? In the times of Euphoria, we’re all serving looks and if you want to keep up in the beauty game, there’s nothing that’s off-limits. Go hard or go home. 


sun tan GIF by Michelle Porucznik

5. Sunscreen

Don’t get me wrong, everyone loves some sun-kissed skin with a bronzed glow that makes you look like a beach goddess. What you won’t love, however, is when the sun burns your skin into oblivion and you spend the next week painfully navigating sports bras and t-shirts. Stay smart, protect your skin. 


renee zellweger hello GIF6. Sunglasses

Along the same lines, your eyes might not be able to handle the constant sunshine. If you can find a cute pair of sunnies, you’ll be able to protect your eyes and avoid the wrinkles that come with squinting. 


Animated GIF

7. Hand sanitizer 

Okay, maybe this is just a “me” thing, but I’m personally repulsed by the lack of hygiene that takes place over a weekend in a park. While we all know porta-potty sinks are ~perfect~, consider bringing your own mini-hand sanitizer just for the extra protection against sweat, dirt, and germs from all the strangers around you. 


spring break lol GIF by Animation Domination High-Def

8. A portable charger

After hours of pictures and filming, your phone is going to be shot. While I've always been a firm supporter of disconnecting from our technology, a packed festival is not the place to try it. Not only will you not be able to call an Uber/Lyft but you’ll also be stranded if you lose your pals at any point. You can find them small enough to fit in your fanny pack and you’ll likely be a popular friend for people to snag a charge from. 


Paul Windle tweet texting tweeting GIF9. Berkanan

Along the lines of safety, this app will blow your mind. This is a messenger that sends and receives messages using BlueTooth rather than data/internet. With so many people in one place, you might have a hard time connecting and accessing iMessage, texting, Snapchat, Uber, Lyft, or whatever else you need. 


chon GIF10. A disposable camera

This might be an obnoxiously trendy thing, but I think that pictures on film look better than digital copies. The cameras are cheap, the photos make awesome wall art, and you’ll be on-trend. 


fish gold GIF by Goldfish11. A protein bar

Activity throughout the day is going to wear you out. While you should try the food from the awesome vendors they have, don’t forget to eat as necessary. If you start to feel dizzy, nauseous, or light-headed from what you think is heat and excitement, have a snack; it might be your blood sugar dropping (it happens to everyone under certain circumstances).