Your Ultimate 70s Playlist as Told by the Cast of Emmanuel’s Production of “Disaster!”

Being in the cast of Emmanuel’s production of “Disaster!” has been a dream come true because it has allowed me to do two of my favorite things: dance and listen to 70s music. Because of my parents, this decade of music was an essential part of my childhood, and I was curious about what songs my fellow singers, dancers and actors enjoy as well. If you are looking for music to get your boogie on before seeing “Disaster!” or are looking for some tunes that will take you back in time, here are some of our cast’s favorite songs:

1. Victoria Harding (Golden Fever Dancer): “Beast of Burden” -The Rolling Stones

2. Tatiana Havens (Golden Fever Dancer): “Hotel California”- The Eagles

3. Emily McCarthy (Jackie): “Southern Nights” -Glen Campbell

4. Eimile Bowden (Shirley): “Brandy” - Through the Looking Glass

5. Tory Dias (Ensemble/Wife): “Tiny Dancer”- Elton John

6. CJ LaCreta (Tony): “How Deep is Your Love?” -The BeeGees

7. Virginia Ohlson (Ensemble): “Heroes” - David Bowie

8. Brandon Morales (Stayin' Alive vocalist/Ensemble): “Superstition”- Stevie Wonder

9. Mordecai Choi (Ted Scheider): “You’re the One that I Want” -Grease

10. Nate Hillyer (Scott): “The Chain” - Fleetwood Mac

11. Chris Garcia (Jake): “Jungleland" - Bruce Springsteen

12. Kenny Sperl (Ensemble): “Stairway to Heaven”- Led Zeppelin

13. Brenna Hagan (Ensemble/Traci): “Seaside Rendezvous” - Queen

14. Meghan McKnight (Golden Fever Dancer): "Dancing Queen" - ABBA

15. Janette Birtha (Golden Fever Dancer): “Piano Man” - Billy Joel

Members of the Emmanuel’s production of “Disaster!” cast at a weekend dance rehearsal

We hope you enjoy some of our favorite songs, and remember to come out and support your fellow EC students by seeing “Disaster!” April 19th - 22nd. Don’t forget to bring your best disco moves!