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Why You Should Write for HCE

1. Exploring a different type of writing style! Instead of writing boring, old research papers, you can express yourself by asserting what you’re passionate about! From news about the environment to the latest runway trends, the possibilities are endless.

2. Brainstorming sessions. Can’t think of what to write about? Our weekly meetings will help you work through writer’s block and talk out your ideas with other HCE members.

3. Motivation to explore Boston! One of our most popular pieces, Follow Her, encourages writers to go out and explore the city and write about your experience. We’ve had Follow Her pieces detailing fun, spontaneous trips to Nashville and pilgrimages to getting delicious pastries in the North End. We also take trips as a team to different places in the city for inspiration and quality time!

4. The feeling of seeing your piece published. Nothing beats scrolling through the HCE website and seeing your piece published – and sometimes our writers are featured on the Nationals’ page!

5. Build up your resume. Writing for HCE is a great way to build an archive of your own articles and stories. It’s exciting to see your pieces succeed and helpful if you are seeking out internships in the future.

Not convinced? Attend one of our weekly meetings and see what Her Campus Emmanuel is all about!

~Meetings are held on Mondays at 6:30pm in Admin 355~

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Betsy Roy


Betsy is a senior at Emmanuel College studying secondary education and history, and is the chapter's Social Media Director. Believing she'll pen the next Great American Novel, Betsy enjoys: art museums, long walks on the beach, and napping in front of fireplaces.
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