Why You Should Be Watching “This Is Us”

1. It keeps you guessing. In typical TV drama fashion, there is an addicting element of “What happens next?!” that comes with each episode.

2. The show doesn’t shy away from the challenges that the Pearson children face as three siblings with different appearances and abilities. (And the actors who play the younger Pearson kids are just too cute and talented for words.)

3. Mandy Moore plays Rebecca Pearson, and it’s easily some of her best work.   

4. Randall and Beth are couple goals, and their relationship keeps getting better and better.

5. Scenes between Jack and Randall are particularly good crying material, just grab some tissues the minute they’re on screen together.

6. William’s entire storyline and character arc is one of the best I’ve ever seen on television (as a self diagnosed TV addict, that’s a big deal).  

7. The show realistically portrays anxiety, and doesn’t patronize or alienate Randall.

8. There’s enough humor to balance out all of the emotional moments.

9. Toby.

10. And, most importantly, the Pearson family is an accurate representation of what families actually look like. As much as I love classic family centered shows like Full House and The Brady Bunch, their casts are devoid of diversity. In “This Is Us”, there are actors of varying races, ages, and body types.