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As most of us know by now, the Emmanuel College Dance Marathon took place this past weekend! If you don’t know what the Dance Marathon is, it’s a 12 hour fundraiser to raise money for Boston Children’s hospital. By the end of the night Emmanuel College was able to raise $100,148.38, and during that time we were able to gather some interviews from those who attended! So here’s a quick peek at why Maddie M. dances for the kids.


Maddie Majewski, a sophomore here at Emmanuel majoring in biology.

Dance Marathon year?

This is Maddie’s second year!

What does Dance Marathon mean to you?

Dance Marathon is more than just a fundraiser to me. I get pure joy from seeing donations come in that I know will help make a child’s day a little brighter.

What has been different about Dance Marathon than you originally expected?

A lot more dancing than expected, believe it or not, but I love every second of it!

Why do you dance For The Kids?

To make every child smile through any experience they are going through. My sister was a patient at BCH with childhood leukemia, and I want every child to have the same positive experience she had.

What’s next?

I want to beat my goal of $2,000 next year and by the end of my 4 years, I’d like to raise $10,000 for the kids ♥

Thanks Maddie, for all of your hard work this year. We know you’ll meet your goal!

Alyssa Martin

Emmanuel '22

Alyssa is currently a senior at Emmanuel College with a major in English Secondary Education. You can find her writing poetry, doing yoga, or binging one of her comfort shows.
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