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Where You Need to Shop: New York City: Bulletin Co.

Every few months I have an itch to hit the city and visit my brother and sister: whether it’s just for some good ole bonding or have my sister freshen up my hair, I’m always in need of a change in “city”… literally.

What I love about NY is the unapologetic diversity, it’s fashion, and pop culture. Within the past year, my sister teamed up with an amazing feminist-driven woman-owned company called Bulletin Co. They sent her some absolutely fabulous 90s inspired goodies, and let me tell you, it was love at first sight for my sister and I.

After following them on social media and having major FOMO for not being there to witness the fabulousness myself, the Saturday following Valentine’s Day I decided to treat myself to an adventure to NY to check out the Soho location for myself.

Before I get into the goods, here’s some background on this fab company.

What’s Bulletin Co. and who are beautiful geniuses behind this?

Photo courtesy of NY Times

 Ali Kriegsman & Alana Braston

Their Purpose:

We wanted to build a store that felt tailor-made for girls like us. A place where we could fall in love with everything and actually afford it. A place where the retail staff was our age and cared about the same stuff we did. A place that used every inch of space to support and celebrate female voices. This store is fully stocked with our fave female-run brands, and a generous % of your purchase today goes directly to Planned Parenthood of New York City. Welcome to Bulletin. A store built by women, just for you.

Store Locations:

Nolita                    Williamsburg

27 Prince St.                145 Wythe Ave

Manhattan, NY            Brooklyn, NY


Bulletin provides a more affordable space for women makers to sell their products instead of paying for an expensive brick-and-mortar storefront. On a month to month basis, they can rent out a portion of Bulletin and are then responsible for their own merchandising and inventory of their products. As if supporting women entrepreneurs wasn’t cool enough, Bulletin Co. gives 10% of all profits to Planned Parenthood in NYC. Finally, a good reason to shop!!

Why my sister will forever be cooler than me

Photo courtesy of Meghan Behrent on Instagram

Ok, now about my trip and goodies…

We walked from the Lower East Side of Manhattan and I was equipped with a cup of caffeine in hand and my wallet out. I was more than ready to start swiping my card at some stores and put myself into financial ruins.

And then I saw the storefront and almost peed myself. I kid you not, I acted like a kid in a candy store walking into this store. It was to the point where my sister was a tad embarrassed of my presence (as always).

If you like pink, neon lights, and witty knick-knacks and T-Shirts, Bulletin Co. is your place to be. I don’t think I have ever seen so many vagina-printed keychains, pins, and T-Shirts in my life. This store reeked of girl power and I loved every minute of it. There is something for every kind of gal – from witty patches for your vintage jean jacket, to drawings of influential women, to cutesy “Working Girl” sweatshirts – everything and anything.

I am such a sucker for supporting women-owned businesses, I feel as though there is such little respect for them in this male dominant business industry. Every chance I can get to contribute to a good cause and advertise awesome women doing awesome things, I’m all for it!

My Takeaways…

[pictured: me feeling badass in the moment wanting to do big things]

This sounds so cliche but visiting Bulletin Co. made me do a lot of self reflection in what I am doing with my life right now. Currently I am interning for a woman-owned business consulting firm and I strangely feel empowered to do something more exciting and risky with my life – like being my own boss and being a business owner! Don’t get me wrong, for now I need to do what I can to knock out my student loans and bills, and also learn a thing or two about the real world and “adulting.” But now I am 10x more motivated to attack this new route in my career: business owner.

Boston, MA needs a Bulletin Co. storefront, and I want to make this happen.


Jamie is a senior Communication & Media Studies major with a minor in Graphic Design at Emmanuel College in Boston. Currently she is concentrating her studies in PR and digital media. She serves as the PR Director for the HerCampus Emmanuel chapter.
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