When You're the Hugger in Your Friend Group

It’s safe to say I’m the hugger out of my college friends. I’ve never had to think twice about it before I came to school, because my hometown friends love snuggles just as much as I do. Realizing not everyone enjoys hugs was a shock to me but it hasn’t stopped me from spreading the love.

Things that happen when you’re a hugger but your friends aren’t…

A “simple hug” is actually you latching onto your friend.

They’re probably telling you to “get off” or standing there awkwardly, but you know deep down they love your snuggles, so you proceed to overwhelm them.

When your friend finally hugs you first and you get way too happy.

It may be a rare occasion, but these surprise hugs never get old. It’s even better when your non-hugger friends start to enjoy these friendly squeezes. 

Meeting someone who loves hugging as much as you is a highlight of your day.

You don’t even have to be best friends to appreciate a simple hello and goodbye hug. This is way too true at parties, “Hey we were in that one class together  freshman year, right?” *hugs*

When you haven’t seen your friend in forever and you end up tackling them.

They never seem to see it coming, as if they magically think you stopped loving hugs since they last saw you. You run, arms open, see the terrified smile on their face and happily jump onto them. It may be a little dramatic, but that’s what best friends do, right?

You can sense when someone isn’t enjoying your hug.

This only makes you squeeze them tighter and awkwardly hug them longer. You will one day make all of your friends appreciate your endless hugs because you can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t.

Cheers to all you huggers out there - keep doing you!