What to Expect When Your Dog Has Puppies

So my dog Scout just had her second litter of puppies at the beginning of November.

                                                                                              (My pride and joy.)

I know, sounds like a dream, and it totally is; however, there are things you don’t realize about your pet and yourself until they have babies, and that’s what I’m going to talk about.

1. You realize how important your pet is to you.

I was so nervous for Scout during the duration of her pregnancy, especially towards the end. Thankfully she was fine, and the babies are healthy, but my mind kept going to the worst places when I imagined her having more babies.

2. You thought you knew what love was, but you were so wrong.

Okay so I don’t have kids so I can’t be sure about how much love I feel but watching my baby care for her babies is the best example of pure and unconditional love I’ve ever experienced.

3. You fall in love with the babies, but letting them go is easier than you think it will be.

By the time they are ready to go to their forever homes, you feel a sense of sadness, but also a sense of closure. This is where they were supposed to be.

                                                                              (The proud parents, Scout and Gryffin.)

4. You realize literally nothing is cuter than tiny versions of your dog. I mean, just look.

                                                                        (Their temporary names are Ron and Ginny.)

If you ever get to experience the pure love that is baby puppies, then I hope you can take this as a guide to navigate the up-and-down emotions of watching your baby take care of babies.