A Welcome from Her Campus at Emmanuel’s President

Hi! My name is Victoria, and I’m SO excited to begin my first semester as Her Campus at Emmanuel’s President. I’ve been a member of HCE since my freshman year, and this organization has shaped my college experience in so many ways. Every year, our team has been filled with strong, hardworking, and above all, FABULOUS students who go above and beyond, not only to make every year great, but also to help fellow members grow. I was accepted into my position as an RA, my last internship, and an events ambassador position,  all thanks to recommendations from past HCE members, and I fully anticipate to see this pattern continue on our team. 

If you haven’t heard of Her Campus before, it’s a media site with content written by college students for college students! Whether you’re a Communications major looking for a platform to hone your writing skills or a Biology major looking for a creative outlet, everyone is welcome! On campus, our chapter does events like an an annual body-positive fashion show, a paint night and a workshop on how to dress for jobs and interviews. Her Campus as a national organization has internships and does a College Fashion week and a conference with celebrity appearances and career workshops every year. 

I am looking forward to a year of meeting new people, learning new things from everyone’s articles, and building a strong community on campus with people passionate about creating. If you are interested in learning more, our meetings will be Mondays at 6:30, and I look forward to seeing you there! You can also keep up with what our chapter is up to through our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!


HCXO and have a GREAT first semester!


Victoria Harding