The Types of Friends You Have in College

“Tell me about your friends?” This was a common question at all family functions for me throughout college. After having too many friends with the same name, I had to use nicknames to distinguish them. So whether you are “Zumba Hannah” or “Italian Sam,” or so many of the other people that shaped my three years here at Emmanuel, thanks.

The Orientation Friends:

You may have nothing more in common than the fact that you were in group H the fourth week of orientation, but for the first week of school you cling to each other because they are the only faces you recognize. These are the people you do the first trips to Target with. The people you try out all the new restaurants with. And most importantly, the people that you do all the welcome week activities with. After the first semester, chances are you are still Facebook friends, and smile at each other when you pass, but the realization that you don't have anything in common allows you to move away from each other without any bad blood. Thanks for being my first friends in college.

The High School Friends:

These were the people you were inseparable with for the four years of high school. You spent your teenage years with them, and if you're lucky you even got to spend your childhood with them. Although you will see each other a lot less now that everyone is going to college, the friendships don’t need to dissolve. Sure, you will lose some people here and there, but those friendships you keep  will help you will make it through the next four years.

The Class Friends:

These are the people that you befriend because they are the only ones who will send you the class notes. They are also the only ones that understand just how crazy your teacher is. Although you may not have met outside of that class, for that semester you have each other’s backs. These friends also come in handy because freshman year when you are trying to find people to eat in the dining hall with, you can just ask these friends after class. When you have another class with these friends, you are excited because it means that you get to spend another semester with that wonderful human being.

The Best Friends:

Somewhere between all the classes and events, you find your people. These are the friends that are by your side through thick and thin. College is a lot more than the just the classes, although on paper those are the most important part. You need the people that will pick you up when you get cut from a tryout, but the same ones who will take you out to celebrate an accomplishment. Trust me, when you find your people, you need to hold onto them, because friends are the family you choose. Surround yourself with the best family around.

“Each new friend is a new adventure… the start of new memories.”- Patrick Lindsay

The most basic saying I have heard about friends is about how “best friends leave footprints on your heart,” but honestly all friends leave their mark on you. I have yet to meet someone in college that doesn’t have friends in each of these groups. My advice for incoming freshman would be to enjoy the time with each group of friends, because if you are lucky, along the way you will be able to find who you really want to surround yourself with.