Trendy And Affordable Ways to Stay Warm

Well, collegiettes, fall is officially upon us and winter is approaching! There are many things to look forward to: hot chocolate, holiday movies, and peppermint flavored drinks. Along with these great things comes the inevitable struggle of dressing for the weather without looking like the Michelin Man. I’ve done some looking and compiled a list of winter accessories under $20 that will keep you warm. Check them out below!

1. Blanket scarves are my new thing! They’re warm, typically plaid, and super soft. Who wouldn’t want one of these? Get it here.

2. Fleece lined leggings are a sneaky way to make your outfits warmer. I’m personally more of a dress gal than a pants person, so fleece lined leggings make Winter dresses possible for me. Target usually carries these year-round, so I’d recommend grabbing a few pairs now before the snow hits. Check them out here!

3. Heavy socks can make even the chilliest of feet comfortable. I like to wear my Fall boots as much as possible before the snow comes, so I use super heavy socks to keep my feet insulated. Check out this link for some cozy socks.

4. Finally, keep your ears warm with a winter headband from Under Armour. Under Armour has a lot of awesome products to keep you nice and warm this winter, but this headband is my personal fave. Get it here.

Stay cozy, collegiettes!