Tony Cibelli Tells All About Big Man On Campus

Last year’s Big Man on Campus winner, Tony Cibelli, recently sat down with HCE to tell us about his experience and share some insight for this year’s competitors. Hear what he had to say and be sure to attend the event on Friday, November 11th at 7:00pm in the gym!

Her Campus Emmanuel: First of all, thank you for taking the time to talk with Her Campus. I’m excited to hear what you have to say! Let’s start off with the basics regarding information about yourself. I know you’re a senior, but what’s your major and in what ways are you involved on campus?
Tony Cibelli: No problem; thanks for having me. I am an accounting major graduating this upcoming May. I am involved on campus with the Men’s Lacrosse team. I also used to work in the Business Office as an Accounting Intern and in the JYC as a Shift Leader.
HCE: I think it’s safe to say lacrosse has definitely impacted your college career. What does being on the team mean for you?
TC: Playing lacrosse in college here is definitely a privilege. I like being able to represent and compete for Emmanuel College with 30 of my best friends. It has taught me that no matter where you go, you are going to make and have friends. EC Lacrosse has also taught me that you are not guaranteed much. On any given day, anything can happen, so you have to work hard no matter what.
HCE: From lacrosse GNAC Champion to the official Big Man on Campus, you seem to know how to win and stay humble. I respect that. How did you get involved in BMOC in the first place?
TC: At first, I didn’t want to be a part of BMOC for selfish reasons. I was bitter that I did not win a similar competition in high school as a senior, but after being nominated here by my coach and team, I thought it was a good way to represent the team and also my mother, who was  going through breast cancer at the time, so I couldn’t stay bitter any longer.
HCE: For everyone who was there last year, it was truly a memorable night, especially for you and your mother. Obviously she was beyond proud of you, but what did winning BMOC mean to you?
TC: To me, it was an honor to help my mom and everyone battling this disease or that has a loved one that is battling this disease. If by making a fool out of myself, twirling a ribbon, or dancing in front of a crowd helped one person going through a time like my mom did, it was worth it.
HCE: And that outlook is exactly why you deserved to win. What advice would you give to the competitors this year as they compete for the title?
TC: The only thing I would say is to embrace the role that they have. You’re not trying to become BMOC; that’s just an added bonus. You’re helping a cause that’s bigger than yourself and getting involved in the fight. It may be scary to be up in front of a lot of people, but it’s nothing compared to how scary fighting for your life is. You’re participating to help people not have to do that, or at least make it easier.
HCE: Will we be seeing you at BMOC this year? Why should students go?
TC: You will be seeing me there for sure! I can’t wait to see what everyone has and how good it will be. Students should go to have a good time and to help with the cause. Showing support is the least anyone can do and is especially important this year with the cause hitting close to home for everyone at Emmanuel. It’s in honor of Dr. J and colon cancer and how much of an impact she had within the Emmanuel community. Everyone should go and support.
A huge thank you to Tony for sharing such genuine thoughts with us. We’re sad we won’t be seeing you out there this year, but we wish all the contestants the best of luck! See you all there - don’t miss this memorable and inspiring night.