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The Boston Public Library’s Courtyard Tea Room: An Elegant Experience

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Now that it’s the season of cute dresses and nice weather, I often find myself wanting something to do that’s special to get my mind off of school stress. While I don’t have a huge budget, I also don’t usually spend too much money, so I have a tiny bit extra to splurge.

In Boston, there’s always something fun to do, and for a book loving gal like me, the Boston Public Library’s Tea Room is the perfect place to spend the afternoon! The Courtyard Tea Room has a flat fee of $64, and includes a starter course, tea sandwiches, Petit Fours, scones, and, of course, unlimited tea! If you’re over 21, they also have delightful tea infused cocktails, not included, that make the experience that much more special if it’s in your budget (especially on the weekend!). 

The most important thing about the BPL Courtyard Tea Room is getting a reservation. They book out months in advance, so you have to plan ahead and save the date, but it’s totally worth it! 

I’ve been twice, once in the summer and once in the autumn, and both experiences were wonderful. My friends and I used the event’s dress code of “smart casual” as an excuse to dress up and wear our favorite academia-inspired outfits, and I got to wear my less-casual pieces of jewelry that feel like too much for class. 

Entering the space, you would never know that you paid under $100 to be there. The high ceilings, luxurious looking white décor, carefully organized bookshelves, and overall elegant feel of the room provide a high-class experience. Complimentary champagne and a formal tea table setting seal the deal, as do the tiny finger sandwiches and delicate desserts. It feels like the ultimate tea party fantasy come true, just with a more realistic tone. Plus, when your 90 minute time slot is up (which sounds short, but it’s actually plenty of time), you step out into the gorgeous courtyard of the Boston Public Library!

If you can’t get a reservation, the adjoining Map Room Tea Lounge is walk-in only and also has a fantastic vibe! While I’ve never had the opportunity to sit down and have a bite there, you walk through it to get to the Courtyard Tea Room, and their menu of slightly larger portions looks incredible. While the vibe of the Courtyard is elegant and refined, the Map Room has a cozy, warm, study-room air to it. You can also get the same tea-inspired cocktails! I plan to check this place out soon- since they don’t take reservations, if you’re there on time, you’ll likely be able to get in!

Overall, I can’t recommend the BPL Courtyard Tea Room experience enough if you’re looking for something to splurge on this spring! So make that reservation, find a couple of friends, don your favorite dresses, and head on over!

Sarah Revis

Emmanuel '23

Sarah is a senior English Communications major at Emmanuel College. She enjoys reading, embroidery, baking, and listening to an unreasonable amount of folk rock.