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Tech Week As Told By Spongebob Gifs

Many of the members of Her Campus Emmanuel are a part of the theatre program, and are currently in tech week for our production of “Wonder of the World” this weekend. As opening night approaches, we wanted to share just how it feels to be in tech week.

When you have to be in places in 10 minutes and you can’t find your prop.

Trying to do homework the night after a long rehearsal.

When you’re just so emotionally drained that everything makes you cry.

When you’re backstage and can hear everyone dropping their lines.

When your director tells you something “doesn’t work” or is “taking them out of the scene”.

When your stage manager says we need to run the scene again.

When you haven’t eaten an actual meal in three days.

When you’re trying to keep your lines memorized on 2 hours of sleep.

When you’re just making it up as you go.

When you make it to the final bow and all the exhaustion pays off.

Please come see Emmanuel College Theatre Arts Program’s production of “Wonder of the World” so that our exhaustion doesn’t go to waste. Click here to reserve your seat! We can’t wait to see you there!

Makenzie is a current Senior at Emmanuel College studying Communications + Media Cultural Studies and Performing Arts. (Try saying that three times fast...) She's been a part of her school's Her Campus chapter since it's very first semester, and has been chapter advising for 2 years. Makenzie is also a National Writer for HC's beauty section, Campus Trendsetter, and former HC Community Development Intern. Makenzie is incredibly excited to be finishing up her last semester as Co-Campus Correspondent of HC Emmanuel. Interested in joining yourself? Hit her up anytime! 
Just your average girl singing in the car, binge-watching netflix, and trying to graduate college.
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