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Taylor Swift’s New Single is Out and the New Era is Here

After weeks of clues and teasers, Taylor Swift’s new single and music video “ME!” is officially out, and is featuring none other than Brendon Urie of Panic! At the Disco. The old Hannah is dead, and she’s now a cat-loving butterfly.

In a complete contrast to Reputation, this new era is shedding its snakeskin and turning into beautiful pastel butterfly motifs found throughout the music video and Taylor’s social media.

The song is about celebrating one’s uniqueness and individuality, and is serving is all kinds of summer pop 1989 vibes. Taylor’s new image and sound has gone through complete metamorphosis leaving us with this new and confident butterfly.

But in true Taylor fashion, nothing is ever just as it seems. This new music video is riddled with clues of the upcoming album and even includes the new album title. Supposedly, clues of every song are hidden throughout, forcing fans to do their best detective work.  We all know Taylor loves a good puzzle!

But what is possibly the best surprise of this new video, is not Taylor’s new pastel dip-dyed tips.

No, in fact there is a new edition to the Swift household. Meet Benjamin Button.

This is one of the many kept secrets that are to be revealed in this music video and her new mural painted in Nashville. Which Taylor has said to hold the answers of the entire new album.

Here we have the song title, hearts, rainbows, THREE cats (Meredith, Olivia and Benjamin Button), all wrapped up in, of course, a beautiful butterfly.

The excitement around this new era is only starting to set in. Taylor is back and better than ever, and giving fans just what they missed the most: an insanely challenging scavenger hunt.

All jokes aside, this is the Taylor that we know and love, and TS7 is about to knock all of our socks off.

Taylor and Brendon Urie will be opening up the Billboard Music Awards on May, 1st with ‘ME!’, and fingers crossed they haven’t gotten rid of these outfits.

Go stream ‘ME!’ now!

Hannah Bragdon

Emmanuel '19

Hannah is senior at Emmanuel College majoring in communications and media studies as well as a minor in psychology. Her favorite things to do are petting dogs, traveling, taking pictures of food and binge watching Netflix. She currently serves at the Co Social Media Director of Her Campus at Emmanuel.
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