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Super Awesome and Super Secret Places to Study at Emmanuel

If you’re anything like me, you need a great place to be in order to get any work done. It’s a tough world out there if you tend to procrastinate. Especially at this time of year (dare I say it… finals), it’s important to lock yourself in a spot that isn’t too distracting and has plenty of legroom. Here is a list of places I have discovered and plan to utilize in the coming weeks. Should we all make appointments so there isn’t any conflict?

1. Outside of the Fenway Room: Ever been to the little nook of Emmanuel that is the Fenway Room? Right outside there is a seating area. Hello, comfy chairs, we enjoy you.

2. Second floor of the library: Go all the way down towards the couches. Turn left to head where the cubbies are. There is a little chair and table in the corner that is secluded enough to do some studying.

3. Muddy River Café: Okay so I know, it can get a little busy in there, but go in during non-peak hours (for example, early in the morning or later in the afternoon). The alcoves off to the side provide great space and are not as distracting as you would think. Plus, you can take a break and grab a cup of mac and cheese. Utilize that.

4. St. Joe’s Basement: Just before you get to the gym, there is a large room with couches, chairs, tables etc. Usually, there are a few people in there, but there is always somewhere to sit and do work. If you like being in a basement to do school work, that is.

5. 3R: There are a couple of conference rooms on the third floor rear level. Feel like the CEO you want to be by grabbing a spot at one of the long mahogany tables with spinning leather chairs. But stay focused!

6. Art floor: Want to feel like a hipster? Want to feel inspired? Head up to the fifth floor of the Administration building and lounge on a couch to get your study on.

A lot of the great study spots on this list are obvious claims, but are rarely utilized. The library, Administration building, and Jean Yawkey Center get pretty crowded when crunch time comes around. Think outside of the box and make your own study spot!

I am a junior at Emmanuel College in Boston, MA. studying English Communications and Media Studies with a minor in Religious Studies. My passions include traveling, writing, reading, fashion and blogging! I enjoy being around friends and family and believe that the best medicine is laughter!
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