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Seniors Share the Things They’ll Miss Most About EC

Senior week is coming to a close and for all us EC seniors who are about to graduate tomorrow, there’s a lot to look back on over the past four years. We checked in with 27 seniors about the things they’ll miss most about our tiny little school once May 13th hits and we all have to pretend to be real grownups. Check out what they said below!

Our location in Boston was a definite favorite:

Elisa Cantito: I'll miss being able to call Fenway Park my backyard.

Jill Kilcoyne: Living down the street from Fenway!

Peter Donato: Living down the street from Fenway park.

Clearly, we will all miss the food - and there is nothing like everyone’s favorite Atrium order!

Ana Rudolph: Fingers and fries

Paige Southworth: Brunch!! (Omelette line most of all)

Christian Kelly: *screams* FINGERS AND FRIES

Shanna Figlewski: Muddy River Ham and Cheese's on a Croissant with Chipotle Mayo xox

Autumn Dube: I'm definitely going to miss Emmanuel brunches. First of all, yum (extra bacon always) but mostly I love laughing with my friends and sharing stories about our night before - hangovers and all.

And then there are the things that will make you say, “That’s SO Emmanuel”:

Leah McCarthy: The “garden level” ed department - shoutout to G15 and the dirty smeared handprint on the wall

Liz Racine: Walking to class and seeing 12 people I know along the way, and all the extracurriculars I’ve participated in (Admissions, HCE, ASB) that allowed me to pursue my passions. Also petting Moose.

Cameron Sullivan: Chasing the squirrels and rabbits on the quad

Cassie Chruscielski: Giving tours and bragging about our beautiful tiny campus to prospective students

David Tracy: The 3 weeks of a struggle trying to find food during the Norovirus outbreaks

Katerina Luarasi: Seeing all the different places baby Jesus ends up in besides his manger

But above all, nothing beats the community here and the memories we’ve all made:

Betsy Roy: Living so close to my best friends, mentors, and a place that I consider my second home.

Tina Ascolillo: I will miss the tight community that I have become part of here at Emmanuel. This includes both friends I have made as well as faculty and staff. No matter what was happening in my life, especially this year transitioning to finding jobs and graduating, I just felt like everyone has always had my back. Everyone truly wants you to have a great experience and to be successful and the people of Emmanuel College have been the best support system I could have had for these 4 years. These are people I know I can still turn to once I graduated and know will continue to stay in touch with.

Emily Jenkins: The connections I have made on campus, with students, faculty, and staff. Everyone at Emmanuel has impacted my life for the better.

Hannah Marden: I'll miss the opportunities given to me by being involved in the Performing Arts despite not being a major. The stress and exhaustion of it all only strengthens my memories of being involved in a show and coming together to make the impossible a reality. Most of all I'll miss the talented and inspiring people who remind me everyday how important it is to love what you do. I'll miss chasing the squirrels and bunnies around the quad and trying to feed them. Being able to stock up on snacks and soda during finals because you realized you have a ton of flex dollars left. I'll miss only having to walk five minutes to get anywhere on campus.

Adrianna Durocher: Joining cliques like you were there from the beginning

Christina Listro: I'll miss the late nights of staying up at with friends to finish projects, do homework and especially painting sets and making costumes. Yes, we went a little crazy at times, but I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Niko Townsend: The family that is the Math Department

Emily Geaney: Living with my best friends

KeYana Reid: The people who have touched my life

Sammy Martin: I will definitely miss the Emmanuel community the most. I've met so many incredible friends and mentors throughout my time at EC. It's sad to think I won't be seeing them everyday now, but they've all left a lasting impression. It's safe to say I'll be coming back for our reunions!

Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts with us, and thank you to EC for giving us such a wonderful four years!

Holliston//Boston Current senior at EC, future teacher of your children Things that make me happy include: Christmas, new bottles of nail polish, ice cream cookie sandwiches, a good book, and anyone who can understand my Friends jokes. 
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