Saying Goodbye to "The Mindy Project"


After 117 episodes and 6 seasons, it was time to say goodbye to Mindy Lahiri. To my dismay, this season only had 10 episodes . . .

Shocking I know- especially since this season could have 100 episodes and I still wouldn't have been okay with saying goodbye. Over the past 6 seasons Mindy has gifted us with many words of wisdom, but these are what I believe to be the top 5.

5. When you love something, you make it known

Whoever said that money doesn’t buy happiness, has obviously never seen Mindy Lahiri buy some good food!

4. Some friends are forever

They comfort you

They always get you

They control your craziness

  And they always know what to say in a breakup

3. Always follow your dreams

When Mindy was told to be a stay-at-home mom, did she listen? NOPE. She is a strong independent women, who could be a single mom and a full time business owner. Nothing and no one would stop her from pursuing her dreams!

2. Love Yourself

Mindy knows she is hot s**t, and will accept nothing less than everyone else’s agreement.

1. Love always finds a way

After approximately 20 love interests throughout the series, Mindy and Danny finally came together. And with that, my heart melted!

A final farewell to the beloved cast! Although this show may be over, this is not the last time we will laugh with Mindy Kaling… I know it!