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Wow. That is all I could say along with many screams after the game on Sunday. I’m sure the same words were being voiced by almost all New England Patriots fans this past Sunday as they had one of the biggest comebacks in Super Bowl history! Everyone in the United States seemed to be rooting for the Atlanta Falcons except for New England, who was standing firm by their team hoping they would win and Tom Brady would get his fifth Super Bowl ring.  Even the Prudential tower was lit up cheering for the team.

The night of Super Bowl LI started out with three of the cast members from the world renowned musical Hamilton who started the Super Bowl by singing “America the Beautiful.” Phillipa Soo, Renée Elise Goldsberry and Jasmine Cephas Jones sang the song beautifully and then did something that no one expected.  In “America the Beautiful” the final words are, “And crown thy good with brotherhood/from sea to shining sea!” After brotherhood, they added “sisterhood” causing the crowds in the stadium and all across the country to go crazy!  For many it hit home with those who had been marching only a couple weeks ago. Also singing was country singer Luke Bryan who sang the National Anthem and made every country-loving American proud of him as he nailed every note.

Then came the coin toss which was carried out by former President George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara Bush, both of whom had recently been hospitalized. Many remarked on how cute the moment was based on the fact they were in their hometown and that the two are in their 90’s and still doing everything together. The coin toss went to Atlanta, thus starting the game off with the ball in their possession. 

The first quarter ended with both teams tied at zero and a noticeable problem with the Patriots’ defense, which was missing Rob Gronkowski due to a back injury. Tom Brady was being hit repeatedly and the first touchdown of the game was taken by the Falcons in the second quarter.  Soon after, the Falcons scored another touchdown, placing them in the lead over the Patriots 14-0. At that point, many Patriots fans were hoping Brady would be revved up enough to score, but the Pats were faced with an interception. That interception caused another touchdown for the Falcons giving them a 21-0 lead.  Many Patriots fans turned off the TV at home and gave up on the Patriots winning the Super Bowl at this point.  However, at the end of the first half of the game the score was 21-3 with the Falcons in the lead since Stephen Gostkowski scored a field goal.

Then came the halftime show performed by Lady Gaga and everyone knew this would be an interesting show.  Personally, I was impressed with how she started the show by singing “God Bless America” on the rooftop before being suspended down the stage only by cables.  The crowd was putty in her hands as she showed off her acrobat skills while fireworks shot off in every direction.  Lady Gaga then sang her hit “Born this Way” which celebrates the LGBTQ community and anyone who truly feels different. Lady Gaga was playing it safe by not putting in any political messages, but at the same time she was asking for unity from everyone watching.  Most of the show was classic Lady Gaga and for many of us it was nostalgic to hear the songs we used to dance to in middle school when we all were breaking out and had braces.  The  halftime show was filled with fireworks, insane costumes, and Lady Gaga impressing us all with her powerful vocal cords. One of the best moments of the entire halftime show was Lady Gaga’s actual mic drop before catching a football and jumping on to the field.  All in all, Lady Gaga gave us a show worthy of the Super Bowl game she performed in.

Then came the second half  which started off with another touchdown for the Falcons putting them ahead by 28-3.  At that point the Patriot Nation was almost hopeless until Brady threw the ball to running back James White who scored the first touchdown for the Patriots advancing their score to 9! The game went on without much progression on the field, allowing no touchdowns for the Patriots, but only a field goal which caused the scores to be 28-12 for the Falcons. Brady soon threw a 6-yard touchdown and then White ran the ball for a 2-point conversion with the score then being 28-20 Atlanta.  Finally, there was hope for a win. After a failed attempt to finish the game by the Falcons, the Patriots had possession of the ball and they were able to gain another touchdown and a 2-point conversion tying the entire game and starting the first overtime in Super Bowl History. 

Bringing it home, the Patriots won the coin toss and took possession of the ball. Atlanta was trying to intercept any ball that Brady passed but then White had the ball. White was able to get the ball and his knee over the line to score the final touchdown and win the game 34-28 with a Patriots victory!

This year’s Super Bowl was nothing anyone expected. What started off as a terrible game for Patriots fans, turned out to be one of the best games to watch as the team came back from almost nothing.  The last five minutes of the game was a roller coaster as the Patriots kept coming so close to victory.  After the game, Boston erupted in insane celebration as everyone left homes, bars, and campuses to run through the streets and celebrate the victory.  Super Bowl LI  will go down in history as one of the biggest comebacks ever and the first Super Bowl overtime.  The Patriots have won a total of five NFL Championships with Tom Brady under Coach Bill Belichick. It was a great day to be a Bostonian — Super Bowl LI will not be forgotten anytime soon. Go Pats!

Hannah Lynam

Emmanuel '19

Hannah Lynam is currently an undergraduate at Emmanuel College with a major in Biology: Health Sciences. This is her third year as part of Her Campus and she is more than excited to eat more Georgetown Cupcakes, go to fashion shows, and spend time with her chapter! She has a deep obsession with seals, sweets, and all things L.L. Bean!
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