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A Recap of Some of the Greatest Grey’s Moments

The 14th season of Shonda Rhimes’ Grey’s Anatomy premieres September 28th, and as someone who has seen every episode and refuses to abandon the show, I can’t wait. Here are, in my opinion, some of the most emotional, funny, and heartwarming moments from the show. I only picked ten, because I had to cut myself off somewhere. Warning: major spoilers.

The first time Cristina told Meredith to dance it out, and the hundreds of dance parties that followed.

Callie Torres is not one of my favorite characters (I know, I know) but the speech she gives her father about sexuality and religion is some powerful stuff.

Ah, yes. The episode that began my love for Dr. Alex Karev.

This. Episode.

Not only is Zola adorable, but something finally worked out for Meredith and Derek.

I rooted for Mark Sloan and Lexie Grey since the beginning of the relationship, so this hit me hard. Enough, Shonda, enough.

As if the departure of Cristina Yang didn’t already send me over the edge, this is still my favorite line from the entire series. Her final episode was everything it needed to be, with just enough bite and wit for her character.

I live for Grey’s wedding drama, so this is an easy pick.

And this… don’t even get me started on this. It was just too much, even for Shonda.

And, finally, when Dr. Miranda Bailey was finally given the position of Chief of Surgery. Bailey is my favorite character (and, arguably the best written character on Grey’s) because of the humor, passion, power, and wit she brings to the show.

Did some of your favorites make the list?


Eimile Bowden is a senior at Emmanuel College and is the President of the Her Campus Emmanuel chapter. She is a double major in English Writing and Literature and Theatre Arts. Eimile's other hobbies include tie dying, rewatching grey's anatomy, and playing with dogs. 
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