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Profile: Lauren D’addario, President of Love Your Melon EC Campus Crew

As a double major and the team leader of Joes Residence Hall staff, Lauren D’addario doesn’t have much free time. The free time she does have, she likes to spend being involved on campus. She was able to find some time this week to sit down with me and tell me about her position on as the crew captain for Love Your Melon Emmanuel.

Name: Lauren D’addario

Grade: Junior, Class of 2020

Major: Double major in psychology with a concentration in counseling and health and sociology with a concentration in human services

Position: President of Love Your Melon Campus Crew at EC

Her Campus Emmanuel (HCE): What is Love Your Melon (LYM)?

Lauren D’addario: [Love Your Melon is] an apparel company started by two college students in 2012 with the mission of putting a beanie on every child battling cancer in the U.S., and then they created ‘Campus Crews’ to further promote their mission.

Emmanuel College first introduced their LYM Campus Crew just last year when it was approved by the SGA. The club really took off under Lauren’s leadership, gaining more than 15 members just this fall.

HCE: What are Campus Crews and what responsibilities do they have?

LD: Campus crews are groups of college students from different colleges and universities that represent LYM. [Campus Crews] go on hospital visits, and make cards for kids with cancer, and do volunteer work.

So far this year the club has already hosted multiple tabling events in the JYC to make cards for patients and give out pins to help raise awareness for LYM.

HCE: Why should people join LYM?

LD: Because we wanna make sick kids happy and it’s really fulfilling to brighten a kid’s day through the small things that we do.

HCE: How many members are there in LYM EC and how can you join?

LD: Through LYM we are technically only allowed to have 30 members. Right now there are 25 members. If you’re serious about joining, though, you can email Caitlin Amorin at amorinc@emmanuel.edu. You could also just be a volunteer, which is less commitment, but you can still be involved in our mission.

HCE: In what ways can you still get involved if you can’t join the Campus Crew?

LD: You can stop by our tabling events in the JYC and sign up for different non-profit partnerships, or make cards for kids battling cancer. Or just buy LYM products because 50% of their profits go to kids battling cancer.

Check out LYM or LYM EC on social media to get notified when tabling events are happening, or to learn more about the products, the brand, or the mission. LYM and LYM EC can be found on instagram (@EmmanuelLYMcrew), Facebook, and Twitter (@EmmanuelLYMCrew).

HCE: What is in the future for the LYM EC Crew?

LD: We’re trying to go on more hospital visits and do more in the community around the school, and expand our crew to be more recognized on campus.

LYM EC is planning on working with other clubs on campus, including Saints Giving Back and Her Campus, in order to gain recognition. Community outreach is a huge part of the club’s mission and as Crew Captain, Lauren hopes to explore what the club can achieve in the community this year. Lauren has put lots of hard work and dedication into getting the club started, and it will be exciting to see how the club grows and what it will achieve.

Jessica Lyons is a Senior at Emmanuel College and has been a member of HerCampus EC as both a writer and section editor. Her topics of interest include business (marketing), ethical living, and activism. 
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