An Open Letter from a Year 'Round Iced Coffee Drinker

You know I see you staring, right?

I get it though, I really do. You look pretty snug over there with your hot cup of somethin’ or other clenched to your chest as you walk through the streets of this fine city. I want to say I’m jealous, but...I’m really not!

Yes, it’s me talking. The blond-headed girl shuffling down the sidewalk, purple fingers, chattering teeth, constantly wishing for someone to just end my self-inflicted suffering. That’s right people, I know I do it to myself. But honestly, I think it is completely worth it! Iced coffee is far superior to regular coffee, especially if you’re one of us hooligans who hates the taste of real coffee but turns into a gremlin without their caffeine. It’s just how we like it: light, sweet, with four extra shots of espresso and almond milk instead of creamer. Yes, it might seem a bit “frou frou” to you, but this is how we get by! Honestly, there is nothing more exciting than getting a notification that our favorite coffee places have come out with a new flavor to make our coffee taste less like coffee! It’s like Christmas to people like me.

Now, I’m not speaking for all iced coffee drinkers. Sure, there are many of us who like a healthy blend of both iced and hot! But for someone like me, who is willing to go out into a Nor’easter to continue to support some of my favorite local franchises, we live for our iced coffees. We are willing to pay $5 a day for our hugely unnecessary cup of coffee, even when half of it is literally just ice. We’re simply doing our part to support a healthy economy is all, and honestly, who can blame us for that?

Anyway, whether or not you’re one of us year round iced coffee drinkers, we will always accept you! We know that the #thirst is real, so the next time you see a chick like me sipping on her ginormous ice coffee in the middle of a blizzard, just remember: we need ours as much as you need yours!


Your friendly neighborhood year round iced coffee drinker