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An Open Letter to Senior Year: Makenzie Moore

My darling Senior Year, 

Boy has time flown. It feels like yesterday we were just moving in, smiling and optimistic, anxious to spend time with friends we missed after a summer that felt seconds long. Excited for what’s to come. The play’s we’d be in, the bars we’d go to, the classes and homework we’d procrastinate. Senior year was going to be the best year yet. 

But, when all of the excitement faded, and the real world set in, you became a little tough to swallow. Final classes became harder, the work load got heavier, friendships began to linger, and relationships fell apart. But that’s okay, because that’s life, and we got through it together. You’ve shown me that there are people in my life who will always be on my side, and they’re wonderful. They’re the reason I get out of bed in the morning, and you gave them to me. 

You taught me just how fast I had to grow up. You gave me opportunities to show my strength, to accept the inner and outer beauty I had once refused to acknowledge, and to learn how to love the things about me I’d once detested. By throwing obstacles in my way, you gave me the drive to overcome them, and I am so proud of myself. 

While I admit it’s been hard, and there have been moments that left me feeling lost and empty, my successes have greatly outweighed any of my losses, and I cannot thank you enough for that. 

Thank you for showing me who my true friends are. Thank you for showing me just how important my family is. Thank you for showing me that it’s okay to love myself, and it’s okay to take care of myself. It’s okay to put myself before the needs of others, because, at the end of the day, I wan’t to be my own best friend. I want to depend on me. And you have shown me that, so thank you. 

I’m going to miss the safety net my school has provided, but I look forward to seeing where I end up within the next year. I’m confident that the skills you’ve helped me develop will take me exactly where I want to go. 

Stay beautiful, and finish strong.  


Makenzie is a current Senior at Emmanuel College studying Communications + Media Cultural Studies and Performing Arts. (Try saying that three times fast...) She's been a part of her school's Her Campus chapter since it's very first semester, and has been chapter advising for 2 years. Makenzie is also a National Writer for HC's beauty section, Campus Trendsetter, and former HC Community Development Intern. Makenzie is incredibly excited to be finishing up her last semester as Co-Campus Correspondent of HC Emmanuel. Interested in joining yourself? Hit her up anytime! 
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