Olivia O'Brien's Sociopath: A Scary Good Music Video

Olivia O’Brien took to Youtube to release her latest horror-inspired single, “Sociopath,” on Friday, April 9. The song premiered with a thrilling music video starring a well-known ensemble. In addition to Olivia O’Brien, the music video features social media personalities, Kelsey Calemine, Anastasia Karanikolaou, Drew Macdonald, Sydney Carlson, Quenlin Blackwell, Lexie Lomard and Claudia Sulewski. The cast also includes friend of O’Brien, Brooke Held, and actor, Zak Steiner. The music video displays a comedic take on classic thriller movies, reminiscent of the Scary Movie franchise, all packed into five and a half minutes. During a stormy night at a slumber party, a group of friends encounters a sociopathic killer and the night is turned upside down. As the last friend standing, Olivia O’Brien takes on the identity of the sociopath, killing the murderer. 

The video, written by O’Brien’s manager, Max Movish, and directed by Amber Park, was inspired by O’Brien’s love of old-fashioned horror movies, which is echoed in the intro of the song, containing a sample of music from the 1960 thriller, Psycho. “Sociopath” tells the story of a constant battle of liking someone who you feel has no capability to have common human emotions. The song is rumored to be about YouTuber, Logan Paul, who is also allegedly the subject of O’Brien’s 2020 hit, “Josslyn.” Olivia O’Brien was a recent guest on Paul’s podcast, IMPAULSIVE, where they poked fun at who inspired the songs, further confirming fans’ suspicions. O’Brien revealed that “Sociopath” will appear on her upcoming two-part album titled Episodes, which is set to be released later this year. Until then, you can find me watching this scary-good music video on repeat. 

Check out the music video here!