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Oil Diffusers for Beginners

Oil diffusers are amazing! They are small enough that you can fit it on a night table, desk, or dresser. There are many brands that sell them and they come in all different shapes!

Mist settings: It has settings for how much mist you want to come out at a time. For mine, can have it come out constantly or in 30 second intervals.

Color settings: Mine has about 5 color options! You can keep it on one color, you can have it switch between all of the colors, or you can have the color setting off. Personally, I choose a color based on what my mood is, and once I am going to sleep, I turn the color setting off.

SCENTS!! (the best part): There are so many amazing essential oils that you can put in the diffuser. It is fun to collect them over time! There are so many combinations that you can use, depending on what mood you are in or how you are feeling.

My favorites:

Lavender: This is what I love to put on at night when I want to  relax after a long and stressful day. I specifically use one called “asleep,” which I like to use when getting into bed!

Lavender and peppermint: This is a great combo when you want relaxation. The peppermint adds a tiny bit of pop to make more of an intense smell, which feels very cooling on your body.

Tea Tree and Eucalyptus: Both are very mild smells which are “clearing” and “purifying.” This is better if you want an aroma in the room, but don’t want it to be so intense.

There are so many more scents that you can buy! I tend to only use my diffuser at night for winding down, but you can certainly use it during the day too! They make scents for awakening and focusing– perfect for doing homework or just trying to wake up in the morning!

I can’t wait to bring my diffuser home and try new scents this summer!!! I hope you try out this amazing product which has done wonders for me!

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