The New Netflix Series "You" Will Keep You Guessing

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I recently watched the new show You that is on Netflix with my roommates. All four of us decided one day to watch it on a whim, hoping to find a show that we could bond over.. We thought we would watch a thriller to keep us motivated to watch, and boy, did we watch it. The show consisted of 10 episodes that kept each of us wanting more. The show is haunting and suspenseful with more than one twist to the seemingly mysterious characters.

The show starts with the main character Joe, who is a handsome, bookworm who begins to stalk this beautiful girl he saw through a window. Penn Badgley, known for his work in Gossip Girl and Easy A, is pretty easy on the eyes, AND he’s starred in some of our fave rom coms. He changes up his good boy vibe with a creepy, haunting take on the life of a stalker.

The female lead, played by the stunning Elizabeth Lail, is Guinevere Beck, an aspiring writer who matches Badgley’s book loving character. This duo makes for a great romance gone wrong story that will keep you wanting more...and more. There’s mystery, there’s romance, there’s sexiness, and there’s murder.

This story will continue to surprise and infect you with its excitement. It kept the four of us on the edge of our seats. There is endless chaos and a psychopaths perception of love. He wants her and she wants him, but how far will he go until he loses the her to his own madness. I would suggest this as a great show to watch if you are in the mood for a thrilling tv show that will keep you wanting more.

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