My Top 5 "Positions" Songs

 If you’re anything like me, you’ve had Positions by the queen herself, Ariana Grande, on repeat since it came out. And if you haven’t… you really need to get on that. Well, here are my personal top 5 songs (which were very difficult to decide on as there are no skips on this album) for you to check out if for some reason you haven’t been jamming to it non-stop. 

5. just like magic

This one is such a good song. I love how it’s all about manifesting what you want in life and going after what you deserve. It’s like a love letter to the universe in a sense and acknowledging how she deserves the success she’s been getting and giving herself the love that she deserves.

Favorite lyric: “Losing friends left and right, but I just send ‘em love and light”

4. 34+35

Okay, this song took me a hot minute to understand what the title meant… and I’ll blame it on listening to it at midnight the night it came out. But, I absolutely adore this song; it's such a fun and upbeat vibe and the lyrics are so scandalous in such a fun way. Definitely a banger to listen to when getting ready for something or to motivate yourself to get out of bed in the morning for zoom class.

Favorite lyric: “I’ve been drinking coffee / And I’ve been eating healthy”

3. my hair

I had no idea what to expect when I heard one of her songs was going to be called “my hair,” but she definitely did not disappoint. Playing with someone’s hair is something that is not discussed about enough, and it now has a whole song dedicated to it. And let me just say… the whistle notes at the end of it? Yeah go off, it deserves to be in my top 3.

Favorite lyric: “I want you to touch it softly / Like the way you do my mind”

2. love language

The absolute VIBES of this song, the lyrics in this song, absolutely everything about this song. The music in the back is what really attracted me to it and I simply can not listen to it without jumping around the room.

Favorite lyric: “You can talk your shit all night / You the medication when I’m feeling anxious”

1. off the table (with The Weeknd)

Okay, this is the one that rightfully deserves the number one spot in my opinion. The lyrics in it are just immaculate, and it is the song on here that really gets me deep in my head and in my feels. It is definitely the most relatable one for me, and The Weeknd on it just adds something special.

Favorite lyric: “Do I sit this one out and wait for the next life?”


So there you have it, my top five songs for her album. If you haven’t already been listening to it, get ON that as soon as you can. I’m clearly obsessed with it, and I simply think everyone else needs to be too.