My Plans for a Full Moon

 As I sit to write this during the new moon that is happening in Aries right now, I couldn’t help but think of how I like to spend my time during the full moon. Don’t worry, it’s still days away, taking place on April 26, but I figured why not just prepare early? The full moon this month is the full pink supermoon, a supermoon means that in its orbit it is closer to the earth and causes it to look bigger and brighter. It is the first of two supermoons this year with the other in May. My plans for the full moon determine what my plans are for that night! Sometimes me and my friend have ceremonies that she runs, but I want to share what I like to do independently to celebrate.

    First, I like to do some yoga to get into my meditative self. I like to look up on youtube different yoga classes to practice during a full moon so that the focus of the class will be fully dedicated to the moon. I like to do that for 30 to 45 minutes because by the end I am fully at peace.

    Next, I’ll do some meditation (only 10-15 minutes—I’m still a meditation newbie). With this, I’ll once again search guided meditations that are completely dedicated to the specific full moon that is occurring that night. This helps me feel closer to momma moon and feel so much gratitude for what I have and what I have released that night during yoga and meditation. This is also a really great activity to do that goes right into what I have planned for the remainder of my night.

    I like to either pull an oracle card or a tarot card to see what the universe wants me to know. I am already in such a meditative mindspace at this time that I am so open to hearing what my spirit guides have to say to me. My last card I pulled for the previous full moon was from my oracle deck and checked in and asked “what do you need to release?” This got me thinking and reflecting on my being and soul and I may not have been able to fully know at the time what I needed to release, but this was in the back of my mind as I went about my day-to-day life and is so helpful.

    Lastly, with the card pulled in mind, I like to journal. When I journal I like to do a stream of consciousness and let whatever flow out of me that needs to. There are absolutely no rules to it and no pressure to write anything long or short just whatever needs to be said and put on paper. Some really beautiful things come out when you give your mind free reign to wander to different parts that it may not wander to unprompted. 

    That is how I like to solo celebrate the full moon, and I hope that you gained some insight as to different practices that you might incorporate into your practice as well. Enjoy the moon in all her phases and don’t forget to take care of yourself when she’s at her fullest.