My International McFlurry Tour Ranked

Spoiler: I’ve had a lot of McFlurries.

This time last year I was living large during my semester abroad in London. One of the most cultured things I did during my time abroad, was try a McFlurry in whichever country I visited. I just wanted to tell you all about them.

5. Oreo

Image credit: McDonald's

Let’s just start with the good old USA! Oreo is a classic, but naturally the least interesting McFlurry.

4. Flake Raspberry

Image credit: McDonald's

Found in the UK, this little number is made with Cadbury milk chocolate and has a raspberry swirl. Nothing to hate about that.

3. Nutella Brownie

Image credit: Up in the Nusair

Let me tell you, Spain knows what’s up. It was just as good as it sounds, believe me.

2. Toblerone Chocolate

Image credit: Flickr

Located in the Netherlands, this McFlurry almost took the number one spot. Overall, Holland was home of the best McDonalds I had abroad. This McFlurry had Toblerone pieces with a chocolate fudge swirl. It’s hard to top that.

1. Speculoos Caramel

Image credit: Wix

Brussels, Belgium changed my life with this McFlurry. Have you ever had that cookie butter from Trader Joe’s? Imagine that in a McFlurry with a caramel swirl. This was by far the greatest McFlurry creation I have ever stumbled upon. No regrets.