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Kailey Hinckley

My First Pole-Dancing Class

After watching the Superbowl for nothing other than the Halftime show, I became inspired by the ethereal grace of Jennifer Lopez. My roommate and I ruminated over how we might come anywhere close to replicating the grace, beauty, empowerment, and sexual energy that we experienced during J-Lo and Shakira’s performance. We decided that our best course of action was to sign up for a pole-dancing class at Fly Together Fitness in Somerville, MA. 

Throughout the week leading up to the class, I felt like I had a dirty secret. However, this is likely because of the unnecessary and degrading stigmas and biases that surround strippers, dancers, and other similar occupations. I was both nervous and excited, as I was well-aware of how difficult pole-dancing seems and the complete upper-body strength it requires that sadly, I lack. However, as my friends and I entered the studio on Wednesday, February 5th, I felt a wave of powerful female energy instantly relax and energize me. Our instructor was a beautiful, strong, Italian goddess with a PhD in cancer biology. She also had a PhD in absolutely tearing it up on a pole.

We began the class promptly at 7:00 pm with a quick yoga session to get our legs and hips stretched out, and then moved on to the main event: the pole. We were first taught the pole walk, which required us to hold the pole and saunter around it, although it was not as easy as it sounds. The muscles in your shoulders and legs have to be activated to prepare for the lifts and spins that routinely come after the pole walk, and make sure to always point your toes. Next, we were taught spins and sits. To be honest, my thighs have never felt more chafed in my life. Gripping the pole with just the skin between your thighs is incredibly painful and requires insane upper body strength. I was surprisingly able to do one of the spins that we were taught pretty well, but the sits were very difficult. J-Lo was able to successfully complete it in the movie “Hustlers,” so definitely watch that movie for reference. 

Even if the thought has occurred to you in passing, please take this article as a sign to register for a pole-dancing class. The energy in the studio, even for a beginner pole class, created one of the most empowering spaces I have ever been in. There were beautiful women of all different shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and they encouraged each other the entire time. When I or one of my friends was able to successfully complete a sit or spin, the entire room would cheer us on. Of course, my entire body is sore, but I would say that it was definitely worth it. Channel your inner J-Lo and go pole-dancing!

Kailey is currently a senior at Emmanuel College in Boston, Massachusetts. She is a Writing, Editing, & Publishing and Communications & Media Studies double major and hopes to one day enjoy writing as her profession. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing, exploring Boston, and spending time with any dog she can find.
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